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Eugene Volokh teaches constitutional law at UCLA School of Law and runs the Volokh Conspiracy Weblog.

July 30 2008 7:13 AMTalula Does the Hula From HawaiiAnd other names so weird that judges forbade them.
April 14 2003 4:17 PMDoes Pfc. Lynch own the movie rights to her life?
June 17 2002 2:17 PMThe Fourth Amendment Meets the War on TerrorCan the cops drive a Geiger counter down your street?
Dec. 17 2001 1:56 PMCan John Walker be stripped of U.S. citizenship?
Sept. 23 1997 3:30 AMFreedom of Speech vs. Workplace Harassment
Slate's 10th Anniversary
June 19 2006 6:13 PMWhat's Wrong With SlateAnd three ways to fix it.
March 18 2003 6:35 PMUnprecedented LogicWhy slippery-slope arguments against invading Iraq don't hold water.
Jan. 24 2002 10:46 PMCan John Walker Be Stripped of His U.S. Citizenship?
Oct. 7 1997 3:30 AMFreedom of Speech vs. Workplace Harassment
July 19 1996 3:30 AMSpeech and SpilloverThe Supreme Court probably will overturn the notorious Communications Decency Act. But the issues are not as cut-and-dried as some might suggest.
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Dec. 22 2014 3:01 PM Slate Voice: “Santa Should Not Be a White Man Anymore” Aisha Harris reads her piece on giving St. Nick a makeover.