Erik Sofge

Erik Sofge is a contributing editor at Popular Mechanics.

June 19 2013 8:00 AMThey Deactivate Droids, Don’t They?The unaddressed plight of Star Wars’ robotic underclass.
March 21 2012 6:35 AMThe Mockingjay ProblemHow will Hollywood adapt the chaotic third book of the Hunger Games trilogy?
June 11 2010 7:01 AMThe Not-So-Karate KidWhen did America fall out of love with the karate chop?
Hey, Wait A Minute
March 10 2008 6:35 PMOrc HolocaustThe reprehensible moral universe of Gary Gygax's Dungeons & Dragons.
Oct. 26 2012 11:38 AMThe American Revolution: The GameAssassin’s Creed III is a thrilling, hyperdetailed journey to the Colonial era. There are also aliens.
Nov. 3 2011 1:11 PMGood Touch, Bad TouchThe iconic iPhone interface tarnishes the legacy of Steve Jobs.
Dvd extras
June 17 2008 2:14 PMIn Defense of HulkYes, the Ang Lee one.
Nov. 20 2006 4:28 PMNintendon'tThe case against the Wii.