Eric Herschthal

Eric Herschthal, a Ph.D. candidate in history at Columbia University, has written for Slate, the New York Times, the Atlantic, the Daily Beast, and elsewhere.

Dec. 2 2014 10:15 AMThe Fabric of Our LivesThe brutal history of cotton debunks many of the most popular myths about capitalism.
July 3 2013 9:15 AMRevolution BluesWhy do popular histories of the War of Independence ignore modern scholarship?
Great Moments in Military History
Nov. 1 2013 10:37 AMDunmore’s ProclamationHow fears of a slave revolt drew the South into the war—the Revolutionary War.
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Dec. 18 2014 4:49 PM Slate’s Working Podcast: Episode 17 Transcript Read what David Plotz asked a middle school principal about his workday.