Emily Shire

Emily Shire is a writer living in New York City. You can follow her at emilyshire.com.

The XX Factor
March 25 2013 11:29 AMThere's a Reason Women Clean More: They're Judged for It
The XX Factor
April 24 2012 4:00 PMAllure’s Naked Truth: Are Women’s Magazines Out of Touch with Real Bodies? 
The XX Factor
May 31 2012 10:57 AMLori “Lolo” Jones, 29 and a Virgin: What Does She Want, a Medal?
The XX Factor
April 3 2012 4:00 PMToddlers and Tiaras: Why Do We Hate the Moms? 
  News & Politics
Jan. 27 2015 6:07 PM How the Koch Brothers Could Make, Break, or Reshape Republican Politics in 2016 Charles and David Koch are putting $900 million into the 2016 race. How they can make, break, or reshape Republican politics. 
  Slate Plus
Jan. 27 2015 11:18 AM Slate Voice: “American Liar” Listen to Mark Joseph Stern read his piece about Jesse Ventura’s defamation suit against Chris Kyle.