David Roth

David Roth is a co-founder and editor of The Classical. Follow him on Twitter.

Sports Nut
Dec. 23 2014 11:30 AMCards Without CardboardCan Topps save itself and a beloved hobby with baseball cards that live inside your phone?
March 5 2009 6:35 AMYe Olde Social NetworkFriendster is at once a thriving success and a robot-ruled ghost planet.
Sports Nut
May 30 2007 12:04 PMMy Overactive Fantasy LifeWhat happens when you love your fantasy baseball team a little too much.
Sports Nut
Sept. 27 2006 5:51 PMThe Secret Lives of Baseball Card WritersI worked for Topps and lived to tell about it.
Dvd extras
May 4 2010 10:10 AMParanormal Activity vs. Paranormal EntityComparing the low-budget horror sensation to its even lower-budget knockoff.
Sports Nut
July 17 2007 4:35 PMFunk and HomicideThe sloppy, bizarre, freewheeling, wonderful NBA summer league.
Sports Nut
March 14 2007 1:30 PMTeams We HateDuke, Eastern Kentucky, and 11 other odious schools in this year's NCAA Tournament.
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Jan. 30 2015 11:44 AM What Happened at Slate This Week? Social media guru Lindsey Underwood highlights the most popular stories of the week, from the Patriots to Tom Petty.