David Dobbs

David Dobbs is writing The Orchid and the Dandelion (Crown), a book exploring ideas about how genes and experience shape temperament, behavior, and fate. 

Human Genome
Oct. 27 2013 11:52 PMGenetics’ Rite of PassageFind a gene, slap high-fives around the lab, publish to huzzahs, and then … uh-oh.
Dec. 7 2012 1:12 PMThe New Temper Tantrum DisorderWill the new diagnostic manual for psychiatrists go too far in labeling kids dysfunctional?
Medical Examiner
Sept. 17 2009 3:36 PMTo Boost or Not To BoostThe United States' swine flu vaccines will leave millions worldwide unprotected.
Medical Examiner
Dec. 29 2005 1:43 PMRun-AMCThe latest idea in vaccine funding won't cure AIDS and malaria.
Medical Examiner
Oct. 11 2005 12:27 PMKid PowerLet's use it to fight the flu.
How They Do It
Feb. 22 2005 2:07 PMMalpractice MessDo the Swedes have a faultless fix?
Medical Examiner
Dec. 28 2004 6:00 PMVBAC BacklashWhy are hospitals forbidding women who have had C-sections the right to have vaginal births?
Dec. 28 2012 12:42 PMPandemics PornDelicious, smart reads about dangerous, nasty germs.
Sept. 3 2010 1:47 PMA Rush to Moral JudgmentWhat went wrong with Marc Hauser's search for moral foundations.
Medical Examiner
April 27 2009 3:20 PMSwine Flu and the Mexico Mystery    Why does the swine flu seem to be more deadly in Mexico?
Medical Examiner
Oct. 20 2005 1:52 PMWhere's My Avian Flu Shot?How to ramp up vaccine production.
Medical Examiner
June 14 2005 1:02 PMThe ConsciometerWhat if scientists could precisely measure when life begins and ends?
Medical Examiner
Jan. 25 2005 5:45 PMBrain Scans for SaleAs brain imaging spreads to nonmedical uses, will commerce overtake ethics?
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