David Corn
David Corn

David Corn is Washington bureau chief of Mother Jones and an MSNBC/NBC News analyst.

Fighting Words
Dec. 16 2011 11:54 AMHitchens and I Shared an OfficeA very small, windowless office. Here’s what I learned about him.
War Stories
April 3 2003 6:16 PMThe Battle Plan for Baghdad?A secret Pentagon report sketches seven scenarios.
Sept. 18 2001 11:30 PMDid We Handcuff the CIA?The national security hawks say yes. The CIA says no.   
Hey, Wait A Minute
Sept. 26 2006 7:40 AMSorry, Hitch—You're Wrong About NigerPlus: Christopher Hitchens responds.
Jan. 4 2002 11:04 AMThe "Suicide Pact" MysteryWho coined the phrase? Justice Goldberg or Justice Jackson?
Nov. 8 1997 3:30 AMWoodward's Molten MeltdownHow to take a government handout and make it impenetrable.
  Slate Plus
Feb. 27 2015 9:30 AM What Happened at Slate This Week? Josh Keating read about making music in the Anthropocene and journeyed into the heart of coding darkness.