Dave Cullen
Dave Cullen

Dave Cullen is the author of Columbine.

April 19 2013 11:28 PMIs Boston Like Columbine?Were the Tsarnaev brothers a “dyad” like Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, with a charismatic leader and submissive follower? 
The XX Factor
Nov. 23 2010 1:00 PMColumbine's Lost Lesson
History Lesson
April 29 2009 7:05 AMThe Four Most Important Lessons of ColumbineHow "leakage" and the "active shooter protocol" have prevented other tragedies.
History Lesson
April 16 2009 7:03 AM"God I Want to Torch and Level Everything"Columbine killer Eric Harris plans the massacre.
April 20 2004 11:59 AMThe Depressive and the PsychopathAt last we know why the Columbine killers did it.
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Dec. 2 2010 11:16 AMUnderstanding Sam Hengel, the Gunman at Marinette High School
Feb. 19 2010 6:51 PMSeven Deadly TraitsDecoding the confession of the Austin plane bomber.
History Lesson
April 16 2009 6:59 AMInside ColumbineAs the assault raged, students fought to keep a wounded teacher alive.
Medical Examiner
April 20 2007 3:45 PMPsychopath? Depressive? Schizophrenic?Was Cho Seung-Hui really like the Columbine killers?
War Stories
July 9 2003 2:55 PMThe Air Force Academy's Show TrialThe academy's new mascot should be the scapegoat.
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