Danielle Ofri

Danielle Ofri is an associate professor of medicine at NYU School of Medicine and editor-in-chief of the Bellevue Literary Review. Her newest book is What Doctors Feel: How Emotions Affect the Practice of Medicine.

Medical Examiner
Sept. 25 2014 8:51 AMTyranny of PerfectionWhy do doctors have such a high rate of suicide?
Future Tense
Aug. 5 2013 12:27 PMThe Doctor Will See Your Electronic Medical Record Now
Medical Examiner
June 4 2013 8:27 AMThe Darkest Year of Medical SchoolStudents come in altruistic and empathetic. They leave jaded and bitter.
Medical Examiner
Sept. 22 2013 7:30 PMMy Leap of Faith in MedicineI have an M.D. and Ph.D., but when my son had a minor procedure, I was terrified.
Medical Examiner
July 10 2013 12:26 PMPatients Need PoetryAnd so do doctors.
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