Daniel Akst
Daniel Akst

Daniel Akst is a writer in New York's Hudson Valley. He is the author of The Webster Chronicle, a novel.

Oct. 3 2011 4:13 PMThe Shirt From HellThe appalling rise of the smelly, sweaty, scratchy no-iron shirt.
The Best Policy
Feb. 14 2006 12:30 PMBang for Your BuckYou have $1. How should you spend it to do the most good?
Sports Nut
July 22 2005 11:20 AMWhere Have All the Jockstraps Gone?The decline and fall of the athletic supporter.
The Breakfast Table
June 23 1999 1:06 AMDissecting the Day's News
Jan. 21 2011 12:46 PMThe Odysseus OptionHow "precommitment devices" will force you to lose weight, stop drinking, and not sleep with that jerk on a first date.
The Best Policy
Aug. 16 2005 4:28 PMGot SUV Guilt?Peace of mind can be yours for $274.
Feb. 18 2000 9:30 PMFaster Pussycat! Read! Read!Can our reporter train himself to read as fast as the guy in the Guinness Book of Records?
Aug. 2 1997 3:30 AMPassive AggressiveIndex investing is evil.
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