Dana Stevens
Dana Stevens Dana Stevens

Dana Stevens is Slate's movie critic.

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Feb. 18 2015 12:47 PMThe “All About Love“ Bonus SegmentCulture Lovefest: Stephen, Julia, and Dana reveal their favorite love songs
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Dec. 23 2014 8:12 PMThe Culture Gabfest Like You’ve Never Heard It BeforeListen to this week's Culture Gabfest "Behold! Ignorance and Want” Edition—complete, unfiltered, and uncut.
Slate Plus
June 11 2014 3:52 PMThe Culture Gabfest: The “Are You Done Yet” Bonus SegmentDana and Julia corner Stephen to ask him five questions about his recent book leave.
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April 16 2014 11:22 AMWe Wanted to Welcome You to Slate Plus… So we created these videos just for you, members!
Behind the Scenes
Dec. 29 2014 11:01 AM“I Really Do Find the Process Mildly Traumatic”A look into how Slate’s movie critic puts together her end-of-year list.
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Sept. 12 2014 5:05 PMMike Pesca vs. the Culture Gabfest Watch this week’s Culture Gabfest extra for Slate Plus
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May 23 2014 12:31 PMWhat Happened at Slate This Week?Reparations, Beowulf, and a rum omelette, from Dana Stevens.