Dan Morrell
Dan Morrell

Dan Morrell is a writer living in Boston.

The Efficient Planet
Nov. 26 2012 8:30 AMCar Companies Are Seeing the LightAutomakers are experimenting with lightweight bodies and new engines to meet ambitious fuel efficiency standards.
Nov. 21 2007 7:29 AMTransformers ... Now in Streaming Video!The latest trend in online movie piracy.
Sports Nut
April 15 2010 11:28 AMThe Cubans Are Coming!Dozens of ballplayers are leaving the island for the major leagues. There's a lot more where they came from.
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Hang Up And Listen
Feb. 9 2016 1:49 PM The 11th Worst Super Bowl in History How do you measure Super Bowl mediocrity? Slate correspondent Justin Peters stacks them up.