Cyrus Farivar
Cyrus Farivar

Cyrus Farivar is a technology journalist and is the author of TheInternetofElsewhere, about the history and effects of the Internet in four countries around the world: South Korea, Senegal, Estonia and Iran.

May 27 2011 12:31 PMMr. Ambassador, Meet President ZuckerbergFacebook is sending diplomats to foreign countries. Now foreign countries should send diplomats to Facebook.
Sept. 24 2007 1:51 PMStill Waiting for That $100 Laptop?The latest sign that Nicholas Negroponte's cheapo-computer scheme will never work.
Nov. 29 2005 3:31 PMWaiting for That $100 Laptop?Don't hold your breath.
Feb. 19 2008 5:36 PMHow To Steal a European PaintingWhy is art theft so common in Europe?
May 22 2007 12:14 PMCyberwar IWhat the attacks on Estonia have taught us about online combat.
Aug. 1 2005 12:31 PMGreen-Collar CrimeHow I stopped an Internet sex hoax.
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