Craig Fehrman

Craig Fehrman, a graduate student in English at Yale, is writing a book on presidents and their books.

Dec. 20 2012 1:26 PMIt’s Not Just the Second Amendment AnymoreHow the NRA is larding state constitutions with frivolous, redundant “right to hunt” amendments.
Oct. 28 2010 10:12 AMMark Twain's Amazing EmbargoThe brilliant brand management behind the handling of his autobiography.
Sports Nut
Dec. 8 2011 2:03 PMHooray for the RaysBaseball’s new labor deal is great for small-market teams. Why is everyone saying the opposite?
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Jan. 30 2015 11:44 AM What Happened at Slate This Week? Social media guru Lindsey Underwood highlights the most popular stories of the week, from the Patriots to Tom Petty.