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Chris Wilson is a Slate contributor.

May 2 2011 6:23 PMThe Jihad Spaghetti TheoryAl-Qaida is hopelessly complex and decentralized, but losing Osama could still be a major blow.
The Good Word
April 26 2011 7:03 AMWikipedia's "Macaca" ProblemThe user-generated encyclopedia makes George Allen's faux pas seem more clear-cut than it really was.
The Hive
March 28 2011 5:50 PMHow To Fix the Nuclear Crisis in JapanA physicist breaks down the best reader ideas for how to fix Fukushima.
The Hive
March 18 2011 4:12 PMHelp Wanted: Save Japan From Nuclear DisasterSlate wants your ideas on how to avoid a complete meltdown at the Fukushima Daiichi power plant.
March 17 2011 6:48 AMThe Worst Waves in the WorldAn interactive map of major tsunamis.
Obama's Facebook Feed
March 4 2011 9:58 AMBarack Obama's Facebook FeedLibya, Wisconsin, and Charlie Sheen's job offers.
Feb. 15 2011 2:03 PMJeopardy, SchmeopardyWhy IBM's next target should be a machine that plays poker.
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Jan. 28 2011 2:18 PMBarack Obama's Facebook FeedHealth care repeal, the State of the Union, and Amy Chua's new job.
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Jan. 14 2011 6:55 AMBarack Obama's Facebook FeedNew era of civility edition.
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Dec. 3 2010 2:37 PMBarack Obama's Facebook FeedWikiLeaks, DADT, and the guy who elbowed Obama in the lip.
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Nov. 19 2010 6:33 PMBarack Obama's Facebook FeedThe Palins, Charlie Rangel, and Mitch McConnell's deficit-reduction plan. 
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Oct. 22 2010 6:26 PMBarack Obama's Facebook FeedJuan Williams, Sharron Angle, and the real reason Ginni Thomas called Anita Hill.
Brow Beat
Oct. 7 2010 1:27 PMToward a Theory of Seatmate Deterrence on Amtrak
Oct. 4 2010 8:54 PMYou vs. the PunditsWith a month to go before the election, how do Slate readers' political predictions compare with the pros?
Sept. 16 2010 4:23 PMPlease, for the Love of God, Upgrade Your BrowserInternet Explorer 9, Chrome, and Firefox are great, but outdated software is still holding back the Web.
April 28 2011 5:41 PMThe Worst Place To Hide From a TwisterAbout half of those killed in tornadoes were in a mobile home.
The Slate Gist
April 15 2011 3:12 PMAll ApologiesI've just offended Jews, Catholics, women, Arab-Americans, and the entire gay and lesbian community. Who should I call?
April 11 2011 4:39 PMThe Arab Powder KegAn animated map of protests in the Middle East as they spread from country to country, updated with the most recent events.
Obama's Facebook Feed
March 18 2011 2:08 PMBarack Obama's Facebook FeedJapan, Peter King, and al-Qaida's new women's magazine.
Sports Nut
March 14 2011 12:08 PMHow To Win Your NCAA PoolAct like a hedge-fund manager and pick Texas to win it all.
Feb. 16 2011 6:00 PMAn HTML for NumbersIs Google's Public Data Explorer the first step toward a universal data format?
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Feb. 11 2011 6:05 PMBarack Obama's Facebook FeedEgypt, CPAC, and Christopher Lee's next gig.
Jan. 14 2011 8:11 PMJesus of WikipediaUsing Christ's page as a guide to the online encyclopedia's 10-year history.
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Dec. 17 2010 7:47 PMBarack Obama's Facebook FeedTax cuts, Julian Assange, and how Mark Zuckerberg became Time's Person of the Year.
Brow Beat
Nov. 23 2010 4:28 PMHis Wikiness Requests Your Money
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Nov. 5 2010 6:15 PMBarack Obama's Facebook FeedJon Stewart, the midterm elections, and Steny Hoyer's Halloween costume.
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Oct. 8 2010 3:48 PMBarack Obama's Facebook FeedRick Sanchez, Lou Dobbs, and Rahm Emanuel's new campaign slogan.
Low Concept
Oct. 5 2010 10:56 AMThe Facebook Movie Facebook FeedThe making of The Social Network.
Obama's Facebook Feed
Sept. 24 2010 4:06 PMBarack Obama's Facebook FeedChristine O'Donnell, DADT, and why Michelle hates being first lady.
Aug. 6 2010 6:44 PMCan Rangel Hold On?A flow chart illustrates when your political scandal costs you your job.



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