Chris Nelder

Chris Nelder is an energy analyst, consultant and media guest who has written about energy and investing for more than a decade. He is the author of Profit From the Peak and Investing in Renewable Energyand has written for the Harvard Business Review blog, Financial Times Alphaville, the Economist Intelligence Unit, Scientific American, and many other publications. He consults with business and government on the future of energy, writes a column at SmartPlanet, and blogs at

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March 21 2013 3:26 PMThe Worst Way to Measure Energy EfficiencyThe international focus on “energy intensity” is hurting the fight against climate change.
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Dec. 29 2011 6:37 AMWhat the Frack?Is there really 100 years’ worth of natural gas beneath the United States?
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Nov. 30 2012 3:49 PMThe U.S. Will Not Actually Produce More Oil Than Saudi Arabia in 2020
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