Cecile Dehesdin
Cecile Dehesdin

Feb. 10 2014 2:34 PMSpin, Dance, Jump, Repeat!Why don't figure skaters get dizzy?
Culture Gabfest
May 18 2011 7:56 AMThe Culture Gabfest "Tacky but Vigorous" EditionListen to Slate's show about global reactions to the arrest of Dominique Strauss-Kahn, Eurotrash at the Eurovision Song Contest, and the raunchy new comedy Bridesmaids.
Oct. 21 2010 3:45 PMHigh-School Unions and X-Rated Protest SignsWhy do the French strike so much?
The XX Factor
May 7 2010 4:37 PMFairies Are For Boys, Too
The XX Factor
Feb. 22 2010 2:01 PMFrench Ad Compares Sex Act With Smoking (Possibly NSFW)
Feb. 16 2010 9:59 AMWho Will Take Home an Oscar?Help Slate predict the winners. Plus: The second round of votes have been counted!
TV Club
May 28 2013 7:30 AMNashville, Season 1 Country music: The view from France.
May 16 2011 4:01 PMDominique Strauss-Kahn Conspiracy Theorists Are Embarrassing Themselves An op-ed from our colleagues at Slate.fr
May 10 2010 6:28 PMNo Relation: The KagansIs the new Supreme Court nominee related to Donald, Robert, or Frederick Kagan?
The Oscars
March 3 2010 11:16 AMEnvelope, PleaseAn aggregated list of expert Oscar predictions. Plus: who Slate readers think will win.
Brow Beat
Feb. 18 2010 2:49 PMFifty-Five Days Until Glee Returns
Aug. 31 2015 10:26 AM Unraveling Why So Many Firefighters Perished in the Tianjin Blast Lack of basic chemical safety regulations or even “willful neglect” may have impeded firefighters and contributed to their deaths.
  Slate Plus
Slate Plus
Aug. 28 2015 12:31 PM What Happened at Slate This Week? International affairs writer Joshua Keating on what to read to understand the apparently permanent slowdown of the Chinese economy.