Bruce Reed

Bruce Reed, who was President Clinton's domestic policy adviser, is CEO of the Democratic Leadership Council and co-author with Rahm Emanuel of The Plan: Big Ideas for Change in America.E-mail him at Read his disclosure here.

The Has-been
Aug. 22 2008 3:38 PMThey Shoot Dark Horses, Don't They?Ralph Reed's novel plan to blow up the GOP Convention.
The Has-been
July 29 2008 12:51 PMRomneymaniaCould he be the first completely programmable running mate?
The Has-been
June 6 2008 11:59 PMA Girl Worth Fighting ForWhat Hillary did right.
The Has-been
May 6 2008 12:20 AMCandidate of ConvictionIdaho puts a felon on the ballot with Clinton and Obama.
The Has-been
April 21 2008 2:14 PMThe Other Dream TicketThe Democratic case for why McCain should pick Romney.
The Has-been
March 28 2008 12:06 PMIron City BluesHow to root for one of the most mediocre sports teams ever.
The Has-been
Jan. 18 2008 4:18 PMThe BenchwarmerGeorge Bush just lost the job he wanted more than this one.
The Has-been
Nov. 30 2007 6:15 PMHuck ThinCan we afford another president who's afraid of getting fat?
The Has-been
Nov. 7 2007 4:26 PMRudy's Reader's StrikeOn the Internet, nobody knows you're a blog.
The Has-been
Oct. 23 2007 12:11 AMTaggwartsOn MySpace, even Tagg Romney and Albus Dumbledore can be friends.
The Has-been
Oct. 13 2007 10:30 AMNobel ManAl Gore is finally rewarded for taking the long view. Plus: CNN projects Gore the winner!
The Has-been
Sept. 13 2007 5:18 PMAm NotOnly 17 more scoffing days till Larry Craig's departure.
The Has-been
Aug. 31 2007 5:57 PMHot PotatoRepublicans can't drop Larry Craig fast enough.
The Has-been
Aug. 14 2007 8:15 AMThe Passport Is In the MailOne man's journey into the greatest bureaucracy ever assembled.
The Has-been
Aug. 5 2007 3:35 PMSong of Mitt's SelfRomney's new strategy borrows a page from Walt Whitman: embrace the contradictions.
The Has-been
Aug. 11 2008 10:19 AMBush Owes to ChinaThe Olympics ad this administration doesn't want you to see.
The Has-been
July 8 2008 9:51 AMGreat American PyroWhy fireworks are safer than the Supreme Court.
The Has-been
May 13 2008 10:52 AMDefining Deviancy DownHow Pat Moynihan predicted Vito Fossella.
Reading List
May 3 2008 7:32 AMThree A.M. ReadingStill can't get enough of the campaign? Here are the most interesting Web sites, books, and magazines about American politics.
The Has-been
April 10 2008 3:54 PMComing HomeLarry Craig reveals that he'd decided to leave long before he decided not to.
The Has-been
Feb. 11 2008 3:39 PMWhen Mitt Met RalphRomney tries to be the next Reagan, even in defeat.
The Has-been
Dec. 5 2007 6:48 PMPlanes, Trains, and SolicitationsHow to make your holiday travel plans without bumping into Larry Craig. Update: OMG at ORD!
The Has-been
Nov. 20 2007 2:51 PMTruman Loses!In its bid for history, the Bush White House gets stuffed.
The Has-been
Nov. 2 2007 2:09 PMA Fool and His EarmarksLarry Craig gives the Senate a lesson in offender management.
The Has-been
Oct. 18 2007 4:41 PMGolden Hand SignalsIs Larry Craig peering through the revolving door?
The Has-been
Oct. 5 2007 3:08 PMWord ProblemLarry Craig, the irrational member who goes on forever with no solution.
The Has-been
Sept. 5 2007 4:03 PMGo Ahead, Quit UsTo Idaho's dismay, America still has Larry Craig to kick around after all.
The Has-been
Aug. 22 2007 2:34 PMThe Long WarThe Passport Services Office says, "Don't call us. Call your congressman."
The Has-been
Aug. 11 2007 1:55 PMHonor Among ScribesA vegan speechwriter pens the juiciest hatchet job of the Bush era.
The Has-been
July 17 2007 12:46 PMWater for ElephantsDon't miss Mitt Romney's new ad for Hillary Clinton.




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