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Aug. 27 2014 3:00 PMWhich U.S. City Has the Worst Drivers?A Slate investigation.
Medical Examiner
July 18 2014 8:38 AMWhy Does Your Body Do These Strange Things?Doctors explain Reddit’s list of bizarre and secret bodily behaviors.
Medical Examiner
June 19 2014 3:52 PM“Did All the Girls PT?”Free pregnancy tests are a good way to fight fetal alcohol syndrome. Condoms are better.
Medical Examiner
June 3 2014 4:28 PMQuacking All the Way to the BankNaturopaths are winning insurance coverage for medical nonsense.
Medical Examiner
May 27 2014 11:22 AMRoll Over! Shake! Smell This Mole!Are dogs really a good way to screen for cancer?
May 5 2014 11:52 PMIf Your Veterinarian Offers Acupuncture, Find a Different VetSticking needles in your dog won’t make it feel better.
Medical Examiner
April 23 2014 7:27 AMShould You Buy Illegal Foreign Sunscreens?
History of Innovation
April 13 2014 9:21 PMJonas Salk: Good at Virology, Bad at EconomicsHe didn’t patent his vaccine, but that doesn’t mean others shouldn’t.
Feed the World
April 2 2014 8:31 AMWhy Does China Not Have Famines Anymore?Two competing explanations for the end of 2,000 years of starvation.
Medical Examiner
March 26 2014 11:10 AMFertility Clinic Data Means Bad MedicineSuccess rates are misleading and often dishonest.
March 16 2014 10:45 PMBehold the Tiny Diamond That Revealed an Ocean’s Worth of Water
Medical Examiner
March 13 2014 11:32 AMShould It Really Take 14 Years to Become a Doctor?It’s time to experiment with medical school.
Medical Examiner
March 7 2014 11:38 AMGod Is Dead. Long Live Downward Dog.How Americans replaced therapeutic prayer with therapeutic yoga.
Future Tense
Feb. 28 2014 10:01 AMThis Deep-Diving Suit May Save You From Cancer
Medical Examiner
Feb. 18 2014 11:43 PMHimalayan Bath Salts Will Not Save Your LifeWhy are so many Facebook friends sharing preposterous stories from Natural News?
Medical Examiner
Aug. 21 2014 12:11 PMHave a Great Day, Honey, and Don’t Get EbolaAre we doing enough to protect U.S. health care workers?
Medical Examiner
June 26 2014 9:01 AMThe Shortest Route to GodWhy religious pilgrimages are incredibly dangerous.
Medical Examiner
June 13 2014 8:44 AMMellow, Paranoid, Happy, or MeanWhy do people respond so differently to the same drugs?
Medical Examiner
May 27 2014 2:57 PMDid Elliot Rodger’s Therapists Fail?What prevents law enforcement and mental health professionals from stopping a killer?
May 19 2014 6:45 AMAre No-Kill Shelters Good for Cats and Dogs?The animal welfare world’s vicious fight about what it means to be humane.
Medical Examiner
May 1 2014 8:26 AMHow Bad Is Marijuana for Your Health?What recent press coverage gets wrong.
Medical Examiner
April 14 2014 2:36 PMAllergies Are the Real Midlife CrisisIs there a way to stop allergies from re-emerging during your 30s?
April 10 2014 5:04 PMAre Hackathons the Future of Medical Innovation?A new way to think about progress in health care.
Medical Examiner
April 1 2014 11:31 PMMitochondrial Disease or Medical Child Abuse?Justina Pelletier’s case is a study in diagnostic challenges.
Medical Examiner
March 20 2014 7:48 AMLet’s Get Quackery Out of Cancer CareReiki and reflexology have no place in hospitals.
March 14 2014 1:24 PMMeasles Is Back, This Time in New York City. Should I Get Revaccinated?
March 10 2014 6:12 PMTerrorists Have Not Claimed Responsibility for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. Does That Mean It Wasn’t a Terrorist Attack?
March 5 2014 9:15 AMWhat Is the Answer to Zeno’s Paradox?Why Achilles actually can catch a tortoise in a race.
Medical Examiner
Feb. 27 2014 11:44 PMGet Ready for the Next Big Medical FightIs sensory processing disorder a real disease?
Feb. 3 2014 3:17 PMWhat’s in “Bad Heroin”?The mysterious drug cocktail that may have killed Philip Seymour Hoffman.



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