Brent Staples
Brent Staples

Brent Staples is on the editorial board of the New York Times and is a member of Slate's book-reviewing team.

Jan. 25 2001 3:00 AMThe Case Against Meier
Hey, Wait A Minute
Oct. 5 1999 3:28 AM The Real American Love StoryWhy America is a lot less white than it looks.
The Book Club
Nov. 1 1998 3:30 AMBorges, Moore, and Munro 
June 4 1998 3:30 AMIn God He ...Rockefeller's trust.
March 4 1998 3:30 AMBeyond the PaleA white man takes on his family's slave-owning past.
Oct. 29 1997 3:30 AMTales of the CityFred Siegel's The Future Once Happened Here.
The Cranky Gardener
June 6 2000 3:00 AMThe War of the RosesHow the Squirrel Lady almost drove me to murder.
Oct. 25 1998 3:30 AMBlack Like Whom?The real reasons African-Americans support Clinton.
June 24 1998 3:30 AMLight and DarkWhy the civil rights movement fell apart.
The Breakfast Table
June 23 1999 1:06 AMDissecting the Day's News
Jan. 14 1998 3:30 AMEden, OklahomaTrouble in Toni Morrison's Paradise.