Brendan Koerner

Brendan I. Koerner is a contributing editor at Wired and a columnist for Gizmodo. His first book, Now the Hell Will Start, is out now.

The Green Lantern
May 6 2008 7:34 AMThou Shalt Sort Thy PlasticsHow bad is it to mix your soda bottles with your yogurt cups?
The Green Lantern
April 22 2008 7:56 AMIs a Dishwasher a Green Machine?The soapy sponge may not be worth your time.
The Green Lantern
April 8 2008 7:31 AMHow To Apologize to Your Girlfriend… Without destroying the Earth.
The Green Lantern
Dec. 31 2008 6:59 AMShould My Baby Wear Huggies?Going diaper shopping for the Little Green Penlight.
The Green Lantern
March 16 2009 3:10 PMWear Green, Drink GreenlyThe eco-guide to responsible drinking.
The Green Lantern
Feb. 26 2008 8:42 AMShould I Cancel My Newspaper Subscription?The environmental pros and cons of reading online.
The Green Lantern
Feb. 5 2008 7:39 AMThe Case for CFLsCompact fluorescent light bulbs are safe, and they look great, too.
The Green Lantern
Jan. 29 2008 7:44 AMWool or Cotton?Which fabric is best for the Earth?
The Green Lantern
Jan. 15 2008 7:35 AMThe Premium PremiumIs high-octane gas bad for the environment?
The Green Lantern
Jan. 2 2008 8:05 AMCan We Turn Garbage Into Energy?The pros and cons of plasma incineration.
The Green Lantern
Dec. 24 2008 10:01 AMShould I Buy a Fake Fir?Or is it better for the environment to cut down a real Christmas tree?
The Green Lantern
Dec. 11 2007 7:40 AMThe Electric Vehicle Acid TestAre EVs really any better for the environment than gas-guzzling cars?
The Green Lantern
Nov. 27 2007 7:43 AMThe Other Greenhouse GasesIs methane really worse for the environment than carbon dioxide?
The Green Lantern
Nov. 13 2007 7:31 AMTrash MiningShould we be digging through landfills for cans and bottles?
Sports Nut
Nov. 2 2007 11:57 AMNFL ArmageddonA Colts fan and a Pats fan dissect every angle of Sunday's big game.
The Green Lantern
April 29 2008 7:42 AMPaper Recycling—Is It Worth It?Landfills, recycling, and incineration.
The Green Lantern
April 15 2008 8:11 AMNot in My Back YuccaWhat are our alternatives for storing radioactive waste?
The Green Lantern
April 1 2008 8:04 AMWill Diesel Save the World?The environmental trade-offs of giving up gasoline.
The Green Lantern
March 18 2008 7:39 AMTank vs. HybridIs it possible that a Hummer's better for the environment than a Prius is?
The Green Lantern
March 4 2008 7:43 AMClinton, Obama, and McCainWhich candidate has the most green cred?
The Green Lantern
Feb. 19 2008 4:03 PMCarton vs. CanisterIs frozen orange juice concentrate better for the environment?
Jan. 31 2008 4:15 PMWhat Happens to Edwards' delegates?Sixty-one are up for grabs.
The Green Lantern
Jan. 22 2008 11:16 AMIs Global Warming Caused by Water Vapor?How to think about the No. 1 greenhouse gas.
The Green Lantern
Jan. 8 2008 7:37 AMThe Greenest TreeWhat kind of tree should I plant in my back yard to soak up the most carbon?
The Green Lantern
Dec. 26 2007 7:50 AMHey, Who Turned Out the Lights?What you need to know about global dimming.
Dec. 13 2007 7:49 AMSmoking Mittens or Felt Fedora?What Maxim, Consumer Reports, Vogue and others recommend you give for Christmas.
The Green Lantern
Dec. 4 2007 7:43 AMWhether the Leather Be PleatherOr whether the leather be not …
The Green Lantern
Nov. 20 2007 7:38 AMThe Greenest BirdWhich kind of turkey is best for the environment?
The Green Lantern
Nov. 6 2007 7:37 AMPaper or Plastic … or NeitherWill vegetable-based, biodegradable bags replace plastic and paper at the supermarket?
The Green Lantern
Oct. 30 2007 7:36 AMJesus Would Drive a Stick ShiftAre manual transmissions better for the environment?




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