Brandt Goldstein

Brandt Goldstein is the author ofStorming the Court (Scribner 2005), the story of Yale law students and human rights lawyers who shut down the first Guantanamo detention camp.

Dec. 21 2005 3:20 PMClinton's GuantanamoHow the Democratic president set the stage for a land without law.
Oct. 29 2002 2:38 PMWho gets to prosecute the sniper suspects first?
May 17 2002 6:16 PMHow can accused terrorist Zacarias Moussaoui refuse a psych exam?
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Feb. 13 2003 4:56 PMFilibustedPirating the Senate.
June 25 2002 11:06 AMWhen can you make a reporter testify?
April 12 2002 3:47 PMCan a company be charged with a crime?
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