Brahna Siegelberg

Brahna Siegelberg is a Slate intern.

Aug. 23 2011 6:55 AMA Brief History of the Double StrollerHow parents ferry their multiples, from the baby boom to today.
Brow Beat
Aug. 17 2011 5:21 PMFarmVille Farms
July 29 2011 12:03 PMWhat's With White Watermelon Seeds?They're just immature.
Aug. 22 2011 6:51 PMA Brief History of the Double Stroller
Aug. 12 2011 3:55 PMWhat a CopycatWhy do we call imitators "cats"? Why not monkeys?
July 29 2011 6:53 AMRed Skull Is Red, Smurfette Is BlueA beautiful color wheel showcasing the entire cartoon character spectrum.
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Jan. 30 2015 11:44 AM What Happened at Slate This Week? Social media guru Lindsey Underwood highlights the most popular stories of the week, from the Patriots to Tom Petty.