Bill Wyman
Bill Wyman

Bill Wyman is the former arts editor of NPR and Salon. Read him at and follow him on Twitter @hitsville.

Dvd extras
Nov. 8 2011 12:15 PMBlue Velvet, 25 Years Later
An almost unrelieved carnival of perversion, corruption, mayhem, and spectacle.
Brow Beat
Oct. 28 2011 4:11 PM

How NBC's Community Deconstructed the Horror Genre

Sept. 22 2011 2:44 PMR.E.M.'s RevolutionHow a post-punk band from Georgia changed rock 'n' roll forever.
Aug. 25 2011 10:55 AMTonight's CommunityThe most insanely self-referential 22 minutes in sitcom history.
July 26 2011 4:30 PMAmy WinehouseWhy her music will last.
April 27 2011 3:15 PMSteve Carell's Achievement He made TheOffice bleaker, funnier, and more sadly American.
Feb. 11 2011 3:45 PMWhy I Hate the GrammysThe secret committee that alters the membership's nominations, for starters. But there are plenty of other reasons.
Summary Judgment
June 1 1999 10:35 PMHitchens Bites Clinton
The Book Club
June 30 1999 12:18 AM
Brow Beat
Nov. 4 2011 11:21 AMDead Dads and Air Conditioning: Last Night's Community
Oct. 4 2011 6:04 PMThe Boring BeatleMartin Scorsese's new documentary neuters George Harrison.
Sept. 7 2011 7:25 AMDisaster MoviesThe four brilliant 9/11 films that get overlooked.
July 28 2011 11:20 AMDoubleX Gabfest: The Goodbye Amy EditionListen to Slate's show about the Oslo killer's misogyny, Amy Winehouse's death, and "the pill" for men.
July 8 2011 6:16 PMGroundhog DecadeHollywood is about to repeat the catastrophic mistakes of the music industry.
April 19 2011 11:55 AMLester Bangs' BasementWhat it means to have all music instantly available.
Low Concept
Nov. 5 2010 7:15 AMPlease Allow Me To Correct a Few ThingsImagine if Mick Jagger responded to Keith Richards about his new autobiography.
Summary Judgment
March 26 1999 3:30 AM
The Music Club
March 6 1999 3:30 AMFemale Rockers
  Slate Plus
Hang Up And Listen
Feb. 9 2016 1:49 PM The 11th Worst Super Bowl in History How do you measure Super Bowl mediocrity? Slate correspondent Justin Peters stacks them up.