Ben Sheffner

Ben Sheffner is an attorney in Los Angeles and a former newspaper reporter. He blogs at Copyrights & Campaigns.

Feb. 9 2010 2:41 PMBorn To SueBruce Springsteen's lame effort to back out of a copyright lawsuit.
Hey, Wait A Minute
Sept. 3 2009 7:19 PMRoxanne's Nonexistent RevengeHeard about the rapper who forced her label to pay for her Cornell Ph.D.? It never happened.
Jan. 15 2010 11:54 AMIs Gawker's "Apple Tablet Scavenger Hunt" Illegal?Apple is threatening to sue over Valleywag's tablet stunt. It's got a pretty good case.
Hey, Wait A Minute
May 28 2009 7:15 PMCollusion CourseDoes today's hush-hush meeting of newspaper executives violate antitrust law?
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Jan. 28 2015 2:33 PM When Jeb Bush and Bill Belichick Were High School Classmates The young Jeb wasn’t always straitlaced. There were his Andover years, when he and classmates (like the future Patriots head coach) cut loose.