Ben Sheffner
Ben Sheffner

Ben Sheffner is an attorney in Los Angeles and a former newspaper reporter. He blogs at Copyrights & Campaigns.

Feb. 9 2010 2:41 PMBorn To SueBruce Springsteen's lame effort to back out of a copyright lawsuit.
Hey, Wait A Minute
Sept. 3 2009 7:19 PMRoxanne's Nonexistent RevengeHeard about the rapper who forced her label to pay for her Cornell Ph.D.? It never happened.
Jan. 15 2010 11:54 AMIs Gawker's "Apple Tablet Scavenger Hunt" Illegal?Apple is threatening to sue over Valleywag's tablet stunt. It's got a pretty good case.
Hey, Wait A Minute
May 28 2009 7:15 PMCollusion CourseDoes today's hush-hush meeting of newspaper executives violate antitrust law?
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