Alison Gopnik

Oct. 11 2012 3:30 AMWhy Your 4-Year-Old Is As Smart as Nate SilverAnd if kids are so smart, why are adults so stupid about statistics?
Feb. 19 2011 7:07 AMWhat John Tierney Gets Wrong About Women ScientistsUnderstanding a new study about discrimination.
Nov. 29 2010 8:00 AMHow Weird Is Consciousness?Scientists may not even be asking the right questions.
April 26 2007 6:19 PMCells That Read Minds?What the myth of mirror neurons gets wrong about the human brain.
College Week
Nov. 16 2005 6:55 AMCollege MakeoverLet them solve problems.
March 16 2011 2:15 PMWhy Preschool Shouldn’t Be Like SchoolNew research shows that teaching kids more and more, at ever-younger ages, may backfire.
Feb. 7 2011 6:51 AMDiagnosing the Digital RevolutionWhy it's so hard to tell whether it's really changing us.
Feb. 22 2010 9:28 AMTo Drug or Not To DrugJudith Warner misses the real questions about medicating children.
Dec. 20 2005 6:24 AMThe Real Reason Children Love FantasyKids aren't escapists, they're little scientists.
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