Alex Mar
Alex Mar

Alex Mar is a writer/director whose work has also appeared in New York magazine and Rolling Stone. Her first film, the documentary American Mystic, will be released this year.

May 25 2011 2:28 PMThe Dynasty That Could Have BeenThe legendary primetime soap's surprisingly arty debut season.
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Oct. 1 2004 7:50 AMJagged Little PillWill male birth control ever become a reality?
Feb. 28 2011 6:54 AMRent-a-GraveWith land a valuable resource, Greece requires the recycling of cemetery space. It's a ghastly business.
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Aug. 12 2004 8:45 AMFreezer BurnIs a procedure that allows a woman to preserve her eggs all it's cracked up to be?
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Sept. 2 2015 3:05 PM “Nobody Called CPS on Louis C.K.” Writing about giving your baby the finger makes people on the Internet go a little crazy.