Adam Rogers
Adam Rogers

Adam Rogers is Wired’s deputy editor.

May 11 2018 1:02 PMWe Really Can Blame Climate Change for Harvey. At Least That’ll Make Climate Litigation Easier.The science of attribution has been working to connect the dots between climate change and extreme weather.
Climate Desk
Sept. 1 2017 1:41 PMCould Houston Have Engineered Its Way Around a Harvey-Size Storm?A close analysis of what the dams were supposed to do. 
May 18 2005 5:21 PMWhat's a Wookiee?A guide to Episode III for non-geeks.
Climate Desk
Dec. 28 2017 1:25 PM2017 Is the Year We Should Have Realized That Climate Change Is Already HereIt’s not far off anymore. It’s here. And we need to start doing more about it.
Nov. 29 2006 5:24 PMCaptain's LogWant to understand Battlestar Galactica? Eavesdrop on its writers.
Brave New World
Oct. 18 2002 11:30 AMFeeling Antigravity's PullCan NASA stop the apple from falling on Newton's head?