Everything RNC speakers say will kill you and destroy America (VIDEO).

Everything RNC Speakers Say Will Kill You (So Far)

Everything RNC Speakers Say Will Kill You (So Far)

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July 19 2016 10:06 PM

Everything That Will Kill You and Destroy America

(According to the Republican National Convention.)


Screenshot from video.

The theme for Day 1 of the Republican National Convention was “Make America Safe Again,” a variation on Trump’s signature catchphrase and a fitting tribute to the inherent fear of others championed by his campaign. And as such, the day was a revolving door of speakers running through the long list of things that should make us very, very afraid.

Watch the video above for a complete compilation of all the things likely to kill us, our family members—or, worst of all, conservatism. (Spoiler: “radical Islamic terrorism” is mentioned.)

Jacob T. Swinney is a video essayist, filmmaker, and cinephile.