Baby koala weigh-in: San Diego Zoo joey Koalacam check-up gives cute koala a weigh-in (VIDEO).

Trying to Weigh a Baby Koala Is Adorably Impossible (Video)

Trying to Weigh a Baby Koala Is Adorably Impossible (Video)

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July 28 2015 11:48 AM

Don’t Try to Weigh a Baby Koala

Or this will happen.


Courtesy of the San Diego Zoo

This rambunctious koala joey is nine months old and still unnamed. The San Diego Zoo’s tradition is to give koalas Aboriginal names based on their personality or physical traits. In the meantime, the zookeepers will give him weekly health checks to make sure he’s growing on schedule. Getting weighed is part of that process—and it just so happens to be unmentionably adorable:

When koalas are born, they are usually less than an inch long and weigh less than a gram. They emerge from the birth canal directly into the mother’s pouch where they nurse and grow. The joeys don’t even peek out of the pouch for six or seven months, and they cling to their mothers until they reach a year in age, at which point they leave to find their own territory.


If you haven’t had enough—and how could you?—check out the San Diego Zoo’s delightful KoalaCam.

Phoebe Gavin is a writer based in New York City.