Veep Sue supercut: Best zingers and one-liners from the perfect secretary (VIDEO).

A Supercut Ode to Sue, Veep’s Zinger Queen

A Supercut Ode to Sue, Veep’s Zinger Queen

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April 24 2015 11:26 AM

The President Will Not See You Now

Sue’s fiercest zingers on Veep.


Image via HBO

Veep has no shortage of fast-talking, insult-slinging bureaucrats, but there’s no question Sue (Sufe Bradshaw) is the fiercest of them all. As Selina Meyer’s deadpan secretary, Sue is the show’s most competent civil servant and also the one most dripping with disdain. On Veep, that’s no small feat.

Watch our supercut ode to Sue above for a tribute to every brutal retort and soul-chilling stare delivered by the woman we all want to be when we grow up.

Update, Nov. 28, 2016: This video has been removed pending the resolution of a licensing claim.

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