Glee’s Sue Sylvester: Jane Lynch was loved for her offensive one-liners and unexpected moments of kindness.

The Best Character on Glee Was the Most Offensive

The Best Character on Glee Was the Most Offensive

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March 20 2015 12:12 PM

The Best and Worst of Sue Sylvester

In honor of the Glee series finale, a Sue-percut of the best of the character you love on the show you love to hate.


Tonight marks the end of the gayest show on television. During the two-hour series finale of Glee, viewers will say goodbye to beloved same-sex couples, over-produced show choir competitions, catchy melodic mashups, and, what will be missed most, Sue Sylvester’s politically incorrect and offensive one-liners. Jane Lynch’s portayal of the power-hungry, arts-hating Sue Sylvester with an undeniable heart of gold was easily the best part of Glee. In the video above, enjoy some of Sue’s best and worst moments.

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