Sleeping timelapse: Watch yourself sleep with iPhone 5s and iOS 8.

What It's Like to Watch Yourself Sleep All Night (Video)  

What It's Like to Watch Yourself Sleep All Night (Video)  

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Feb. 20 2015 3:27 PM

I Made a Timelapse of Myself Sleeping All Night

It was surprisingly disturbing for me.  


This video originally appeared on Business Insider.

I've always wondered what I actually do when I sleep. Do I move around a lot? Am I in one position? Do I stay under the sheets?

Using my iPhone 5S and time-lapse in iOS 8, I recorded myself for six hours recently. I learned two things: I am completely disturbed watching myself sleep, and I can’t believe how much I moved around the bed.


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Sam Rega is a video producer for Business Insider.