Incredible cricket catch: Barefooted fan makes an amazing one-handed grab (VIDEO).

This Barefooted Cricket Fan’s Catch Is the Most Athletic Thing You’ll See All Week

This Barefooted Cricket Fan’s Catch Is the Most Athletic Thing You’ll See All Week

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Nov. 12 2014 11:57 AM

“He’s Got It! He’s Got It!”

Barefooted fan makes an incredible grab at a cricket match.


Yes. This is how you spectate, sports fans. While technically disqualified from earning a place in the pantheon of great cricket catches (because the grab was made by a random, shoeless fan in a jersey and khakis—and not, you know, a professional cricketer), what I can say definitively is this: The video above shows one of the finest displays of sports fan athleticism ever caught on camera.

The spectator in question is New Zealander Andrew McCulloch, who was attending a Georgie Pie Super Smash tournament match between the Wellington Firebirds and Otago Volts, when the Volts’ Michael Bracewell mashed a six. As the ball sails over the boundary, McCulloch—like some sort of barefooted ninja—comes flying into view, making an absurd one-handed sliding catch. The announcers go crazy. McCulloch goes crazy. I go crazy. You’ll go crazy (probably). Simply put, a legitimately impressive catch that should serve as a lesson to all adult men who insist on bringing a glove to baseball games.

The best part, though? There was an ongoing promotion that paid out 5,000 NZD (about $3,904) for anyone who caught a “boundary ball.” Touché, Mr. McCulloch—Internet immortality and wad of cash well earned.

A.J. McCarthy is a speechwriter for New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio and a former Slate writer and producer.