Your Novelty Trip to Antarctica Is Threatening Its Ecosystem (Video)

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July 2 2014 3:07 PM

The Scourge of Antarctic Tourism

A tenfold increase in visitors since 1990 is taking its toll on the southernmost continent.

A runner looks at a penguin as he takes part in the Antarctic Marathon, held for the first time in the frozen continent, on March 1, 2013. Fifty-two competitors from different countries took part in the race. AFP PHOTO/JOEL ESTAY (Photo credit should read JOEL ESTAY/AFP/Getty Images)

Photo by JOEL ESTAY/AFP/Getty Images

The ice-free areas visitors frequent make up less than 1 percent of Antarctica, but they are also where the majority of biodiversity occurs.

Jim Festante is an actor/writer in Los Angeles and regular video contributor to Slate. He is the author of the Image Comics miniseries The End Times of Bram and Ben.

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