Newsreel: February '07.

Newsreel: February '07.

Newsreel: February '07.

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March 13 2007 1:49 PM

Slate's Newsreel on February '07

A look back at the tabloids' dream month.

February may be the shortest month, but this year it offered plenty of time for the famous and infamous to make our jaws drop.

In the second installment of our NewsLit Newsreel series, Slate and VidLit take a fond look back at some of the stories that made February '07 the zany, poignant, feel-good month it was. You really need to hear only two words to know what we mean: adult diapers.


Click on the video player to launch our NewsLit Newsreel for February 2007. You can also watch the January edition here. And we hope to see you again next month.

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