The new JFK film.

The new JFK film.

The new JFK film.

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Feb. 21 2007 5:54 PM

The New JFK Film

A close look at the moments before the assassination.

On Presidents Day, the Sixth Floor Museum in Dallas released a recently discovered home movie showing John F. Kennedy's motorcade moments before the president's assassination. The footage was shot by George Jeffries and captures the presidential motorcade roughly 90 seconds before shots were fired. The silent footage * is not nearly as important as the famous Zapruder film, which shows the assassination itself, but the new film is still a must-see for any student of Nov. 22, 1963. *

Click the play button below to launch a Slate video about the new footage. It includes an interview with Slate contributor Ron Rosenbaum, who has written extensively about JFK conspiracy theories.

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Correction, Feb. 22: The article originally cited the date as Nov. 23, 1963. (Click here to return to the corrected sentence.)

Correction, Feb. 23: The article incorrectly described the type of film used as Super 8. (Click here  to return to the corrected sentence.)

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