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March 5 2007 5:32 PM

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2007 May


 "Michael Moore vs. Fred Thompson: It's a campaign commercial. No, it's a movie trailer," by Andy Bowers and John Dickerson. Posted May 18, 2007.


 "Slate's Newsreel on April '07: A look back at the lowlights of last month," by Andy Bowers. Posted May 17, 2007.


"The Woman From Hope: Bill Clinton lends a hand to his wife's campaign," by Andy Bowers and John Dickerson. Posted May 15, 2007.


"Rating Oliver Stone's New Campaign Ad: A Slate news graph survey," by Andy Bowers. Posted May 8, 2007.


"Rudy's Ferret Face-Off: An animated rendition of the mayor's famous rant," by Rob Donnelly. Posted May 8, 2007.


"Was George Tenet's 60 Minutes Performance a Slam Dunk?: A Slate video news graph," by Andy Bowers. Posted May 1, 2007.

2007 April


 " Bombs McCain: The politics of McCain's Iran ditty," by Andy Bowers and John Dickerson. Posted April 20, 2007.


"Slate'sNewsreel on March '07: A look back at a month of scandals," by Andy Bowers. Posted April 19, 2007.


"American Idol: The Slate Survey: Who are this week's real bottom three?" by Andy Bowers. Posted April 18, 2007.

 " Guns and Kids: A Magnum photo essay." Posted April 18, 2007.  "Back to the Drawing Board: Those mesmerizing new UPS ads," by Seth Stevenson. Posted April 16, 2007.  

"Our Own American Idol Vote: A Slatevideo survey reveals who should lose." Posted April 11, 2007.


"Grading Bush's Veto Threat: A Slatevideo news graph," by Andy Bowers. Posted April 4, 2007.


2007 March


"Why Is Will Ferrell Funny?: A video slide show," by Josh Levin. Posted March 29, 2007.

 " Rudy on the Radio: Giuliani's first campaign spot," by Andy Bowers, John Dickerson, and Jim Festante. Posted March 29, 2007.  

"Fred Thompson's First Campaign Ad?: At least, this is how we imagine it," by Andy Bowers. Posted March 30, 2007.

 " Meet the Hindustani Malcolm X: Looking for pulse-pounding excitement in Richard Attenborough's Gandhi," by Reihan Salam. Posted March 26, 2007.  

"Gitmo in Black and White: A Magnum Photos audio slide show," by Andy Bowers. Posted March 21, 2007.

 " Underground Orwell: Dissecting the Obama mystery ad," by Andy Bowers and John Dickinson. Posted March 21, 2007.  

"Smokey Bear Nation: How we use animal characters to teach our kids," by Josh Levin. Posted March 20, 2007.


Neanderthal TV: Can the Geico cavemen make it in prime time?" by Seth Stevenson. Posted March 19, 2007.


" This American Life: The trailer." Posted March 19, 2007.


"The Clive James Show: Clive James interviews Michael Frayn, Jeremy Issacs, Cate Blanchett, Peter Porter, Julian Barnes, Piers Paul Read, Ruby Wax, and Howard Jacobson." Posted March 14, 2007.


"Slate's Newsreel on Feb. '07: A look back at the tabloids' dream month," by Andy Bowers. Posted March 13, 2007.


"Magnum on Women Shooting Women: A video essay of photos by women, about women." Posted March 8, 2007.


"Bonus Bible Video: In which I re-enact the Sermon on the Mount," by David Plotz. Posted March 8, 2007.


"John Edwards' Bad Edit: The candidate's video sleight of hand," by Andy Bowers, John Dickinson, and Jim Festante. Posted March 8, 2007.


"Pickett's Charge: In a 1971 CBS news clip, Vietnam vet Delmar Picket Jr. describes an airport spit incident," by Jack Shafer. Posted March 6, 2007.

"Reagan's Favorite Sitcom: How Family Ties spawned a conservative hero," by David Haglund. Posted March 2, 2007.


2007 February


"Magnum on the Oscars: A video montage of classic movie photos." Posted Feb. 23, 2007.


" The New JFK Film: A close look at the moments before the assassination," by Andy Bowers. Posted Feb. 21, 2007.


"Pardon the Interjection: The Internet and the rise of awwa, meh, feh, and heh," by Ben Yagoda. Posted Feb. 16, 2007.


"Checking Out The 1/2 Hour News Hour: Slate's commentary," by Andy Bowers, Emily Bazelon, John Dickerson, and David Plotz. Posted Feb. 15, 2007.


"Ah, Remember January?: Slate's newsreel takes you all the way back to … last month," by Andy Bowers. Posted Feb. 12, 2007.


" The Super Bowl Diet: What if you ate everything they advertised?" by Andy Bowers. Posted Feb. 8, 2007.

"The YouTube Gotcha Game: How Web video could sink a presidential candidate or two," by Andy Bowers. Posted Feb. 1, 2007.


2007 January


"Replaying Brando: How DVD adds new depth to his greatness," by Stanley Crouch. Posted Jan. 25, 2007.  

"The Camera Phone: The gadget that perverts, vigilantes, and celebrity stalkers can all agree on," by Michael Agger. Posted Wednesday, Jan. 17, 2007.


"Barack (Almost) Jumps In: Dissecting Obama's campaign biography," by Andy Bowers and John Dickerson. Posted Jan. 16, 2007.


"Can Tampons Be Cool?: Playtex gives feminine care a sporty makeover," by Seth Stevenson. Posted Jan. 15, 2007.


"Grading Bush's Speech: Our video focus group rates the surge," by Andy Bowers. Posted Jan. 11, 2007.

"A 'Television for Men and Women.' Huh?: Sony's convoluted Bravia ad," by Seth Stevenson. Posted Jan. 8, 2007.

"Lynching the Dictator: On Saturday morning, the United States helped to officiate at a human sacrifice," by Christopher Hitchens. Posted Jan. 2, 2007. (Warning: graphic content.)

2006 December

"Joy: Images of happiness." Posted Dec. 29, 2006.  

"The Power and Glory of the Rocky Montage: A video slide show," by Josh Levin. Posted Dec. 21, 2006.


"Barack Declares!: Is it the first campaign ad of 2008?" by Andy Bowers, John Dickerson, and Jim Festante. Posted Dec. 13, 2006.

" 'Thunder on the Mountain': Watch Bob Dylan's new video and win a signed guitar," by Jody Rosen. Posted Dec. 8, 2006.

"The Candidate and the Girl: A NewsLit Newsreel," by Andy Bowers. Posted Dec. 7, 2006.


2006 November


"Listening to the Slate 60: Audio and video from our recent conference," by Andy Bowers, Jim Festante, and David Plotz. Posted Nov. 22, 2006.


"Portraits of Philanthropy: A Slate video." Posted Nov. 16, 2006.


"Dancing Fool: Telling moments in Michael Jackson's greatest videos," by Seth Stevenson. Posted Nov. 14, 2006.


"The Most Confusing Ad on Television: That pink-haired, animated superspy is selling what?" by Seth Stevenson. Posted Nov. 13, 2006.


"The Speaker and the President: A NewsLit Newsreel," by Andy Bowers. Posted Nov. 9, 2006.


"The Slimiest Campaign Ads of 2006: Slate crowns this year's worst of the worst," by Andy Bowers, John Dickerson, and Jim Festante. Posted Nov. 3, 2006.


2006 October


"Harold Ford: Playboy?: Slate's remixed campaign ads," by Andy Bowers, John Dickerson, and Jim Festante. Posted Oct. 30, 2006.


"The Devil Is in the Retailers: A new Slate video sketch," by Andy Bowers. Posted Oct. 23, 2006.


"A Foley Apology, Translated: Slate's remixed campaign ads," by Andy Bowers and John Dickerson. Posted Oct. 12, 2006.


"Can Rosa Parks Sell Pickup Trucks?: Chevy's icky, exploitative new ad," by Seth Stevenson. Posted Oct. 9, 2006.


2006 September


"Historic Gaffes Revisited: A new Slate video feature," by Andy Bowers. Posted Sept. 26, 2006


"Foreign Office: The French and Germans have remade the BBC series. Why?" by Liesl Schillinger. Posted Sept. 20, 2006.


"The Tennessee Death Waltz: Dissecting ads from the Tennessee Senate race," by Andy Bowers, John Dickerson, and Jim Festante. Posted Sept. 18, 2006.


"Fact-Checking ABC: A Slate video remix," by Andy Bowers. Posted Sept. 13, 2006.

"Fighting Video With Video: Slate's remixed campaign ads," by Andy Bowers, John Dickerson, and Jim Festante. Posted Sept. 8, 2006.


2006 August


"The Divorcemobile: Ford's bizarre new SUV ad," by Seth Stevenson. Posted Aug. 28, 2006.  

"Hurricane, Remembered: Memoirs by teenagers who survived Hurricane Katrina." Posted Aug. 24, 2006.


"Groin Pains: The agonizing journey from America's Funniest Home Videos to YouTube," by Josh Levin. Posted Aug. 24, 2006.


2006 July


"The Blur: On the enlightened fuzziness of Keanu Reeves," by Dana Stevens. Posted July 14, 2006.


2006 June


" Never Coming Home: What it's like to lose a son in the Iraq war," by Zachary Barr, Andrew Lichtenstein, and Brian Storm. Posted June 9, 2006.



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