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Saving Dogs From Winter Snow and Ice

Local news stations report on owners and first responders pulling pups to safety.

Aug. 8 2013 12:00 PMWhere Breaking Bad Left OffA mysterious beard, errant initials, and one very large pile of cash.
June 6 2013 3:41 PMCan You Hear Me Now? Yes, We Can.Those old Verizon commercials meet the NSA.
April 18 2013 12:30 PMA Night at the Flop-era (VIDEO)The best dives of the NBA season, set to music.
April 10 2013 2:18 PMTurning Sardines and Spam Into Surf and TurfSlate's new cooking competition.
March 21 2013 6:34 PMWhat Syria Needs From UsTwo years since the Syrian uprising began, the West continues its handwringing.
Feb. 22 2013 7:13 AMDon’t Talk to Us About Your Sinking IslandHow the U.N. Security Council takes a pass on global warming.
Jan. 17 2013 7:42 AMYou’ve Seen the Confessions, Now Watch Apologalooza!Imagining a live event showcase for Lance Armstrong, Tiger Woods, Bill Clinton, and the great apologizers of our era.
Dec. 19 2012 10:54 AMPass Go, Collect UnemploymentMonopoly reimagined for those who envy the 47 percent.
Nov. 15 2012 6:43 PMThe Real Housewives of the PentagonThe Petraeus scandal imagined as a certain reality TV show.
July 30 2012 12:30 PMDear Prudence: Drama in the Break RoomA weekly Dear Prudence video.
July 16 2012 11:57 AMDear Prudence: Sexy Version of "Rear Window"A weekly Dear Prudence video.
July 9 2012 11:39 AMDear Prudence: Woman Who Likes Wolf WhistlesA weekly Dear Prudence video.
June 28 2012 2:12 PMObamacare SurvivesDahlia Lithwick’s reaction to the historic Supreme Court ruling.
June 18 2012 12:35 PMDear Prudence: Novelist Drawing Too Much on Real Life?A weekly Dear Prudence video.
June 11 2012 3:55 PMDear Prudence: Abortion Advocates on the JobA weekly Dear Prudence video.
June 26 2013 4:37 PMWATCH: The Reaction as DOMA Went Down"It isn't everything, but it's a good indication that everything is not too far away."
May 16 2013 5:21 PMHow to Frame an Abortionist (VIDEO)The deceptive editing of pro-life videos to make abortion clinics look bad.
April 11 2013 11:34 AMWatch: We’ve Found the Perfect Way to Make Golf Exciting
March 28 2013 10:30 AMGame of Thrones in 9 MinutesCatch up on the first two seasons of the impossibly dense HBO series.
March 8 2013 7:04 AMThe Road Not Traveled in IraqTen years after the Iraq invasion, a diplomatic insider reminds why it didn’t have to go the way it did.
Feb. 8 2013 5:57 PMIs Mali the New Afghanistan?Islamist fighters are a menace, but they’re unlikely to form a unified terror base in the Sahara.
Dec. 20 2012 12:44 PMLord, Spare Me This Godforsaken Holiday Card!Imagining the war on Christmas as a Ken Burns documentary.
Nov. 21 2012 11:00 AMDear Prudence: Thanksgiving SmackdownMy mother-in-law hit me in the face with a chair. How can I celebrate the holiday with her?
Sept. 13 2012 5:33 PMThe Joy and the StickA video game review for gamers and novices alike.
July 23 2012 1:07 PMDear Prudence: World’s Worst HostessA weekly Dear Prudence video.
July 13 2012 10:20 AMBreaking Bad: Four Seasons in 10 MinutesA video recap of the hit series on the brink of a new season.
July 3 2012 1:38 PMDear Prudence: Leering Brother-in-LawA weekly Dear Prudence video.
June 21 2012 12:14 PMDoes Obama’s Teleprompter Call the Shots?The full-frontal attack ad that could cost the president re-election.
June 15 2012 8:02 PMRobot Soccer Goes Big TimeA hilarious and terrifying vision of our sporting future.
June 4 2012 12:31 PMDear Prudence: 5-Year-Old Hitting the Bottle?A weekly Dear Prudence video.