Confessions of a housebound filmmaker.

Confessions of a housebound filmmaker.

Confessions of a housebound filmmaker.

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Feb. 21 2006 1:43 PM

Confessions of a Bedroom Filmmaker

How I learned to love making movies on my computer.

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Is it possible to make a masterpiece with The Movies? As long as you play to the game's strengths. Because of the characters' limited facial expressions and gestures, it would be hard to pull off a Coffee and Cigarettes-style series of conversational vignettes. It makes more sense to use the program to film a sci-fi epic. The well-stocked arsenal of sets, costumes, and weapons does make it easy to tell a story that would be almost impossible for an amateur to film in the real world.

The Blunderbus Based on these observations, I humbly submit the plot for the perfect machinima for The Movies. In a future where human cloning is taken for granted, a sisterhood of cloned, post-collegiate women pursue time-traveling aliens using badass weapons that sound different from scene to scene. During a massive showdown, an alien and a clone woman share a romantic moment involving the briefest of touches. Consequently, the clone convinces her sisters to drop their guns. The two warring factions shake hands and declare a truce. Or, if that doesn't work, there's always Gary Maugan, Anagram Guy vs. the Dude Who Got His Head Stuck.

Bidisha Banerjee is a former Slate editorial assistant. Her second machinima is a pilot for a TV show called The Blunderbus.