Lube Job

Should Google associate Rick Santorum's name with anal sex?

May 18 2011 5:08 PMMap to NowhereThe FCC has now failed twice at producing good broadband data. Time to give someone else a try.
Feb. 16 2011 6:00 PMAn HTML for NumbersIs Google's Public Data Explorer the first step toward a universal data format?
Aug. 27 2010 2:56 PMThe Internet's Secret Back DoorWeb users in the United Arab Emirates have more to worry about than having just their BlackBerries cracked.
March 16 2010 10:04 PMBroadbanditsWhat's wrong with the FCC's plan to bring high-speed Internet access to rural America.
Sept. 16 2009 1:31 PMBe Like GmailWhat Facebook and other Internet companies can learn from Google's webmail service.
July 14 2009 6:08 PMNo, You Can't Have My Social Security NumberWhy using SSNs for identification is risky and stupid.
June 18 2009 9:30 AMThe Death of WindowsStep aside, bloated operating systems. The Web browser is coming to save the day.
April 24 2009 12:28 PMI'm Human, Computer, I Swear!It's time to move beyond those squiggly letter tests that Web sites use to weed out spam.
March 5 2009 6:35 AMYe Olde Social NetworkFriendster is at once a thriving success and a robot-ruled ghost planet.
Feb. 6 2009 11:55 AMThe 10 Things We Want To Know About "25 Random Things About Me"A Slate reader survey: What are the origins of the Facebook phenomenon?
Sept. 5 2008 7:45 AMWhy Is the Internet So Infuriatingly Slow?Plus, two horrible things your Internet service provider wants to do to make it speedier.
Aug. 4 2008 7:03 PMHow To Talk to a Search EngineThree queries to help decide if Google or Cuil or Ask is right for you.
March 29 2006 2:38 PMWeb 2.0The new Internet "boom" doesn't live up to its name.
Feb. 21 2006 1:43 PMConfessions of a Bedroom FilmmakerHow I learned to love making movies on my computer.
Jan. 9 2006 6:16 AMThe Translator's BluesWill I get replaced by a computer program?
May 4 2011 6:55 PMOsamaBinRaided.com, Going Once, Going Twice …The flash market of Bin Laden-related URLs isn't making many people rich.
Jan. 14 2011 8:11 PMJesus of WikipediaUsing Christ's page as a guide to the online encyclopedia's 10-year history.
June 11 2010 8:28 AMThe Tweet AlternativeHelp Slate find better words for tweet, like, and other social-media jargon.
Sept. 23 2009 11:12 AMYour Gullible Friend Has Sent You a Photo!The dangers of social spam.
Sept. 2 2009 12:02 PMMasters of the WikiverseWikipedia's new editing policy isn't the end of the encyclopedia's democratic age. It's business as usual.
July 2 2009 10:15 AMWill My Video Get 1 Million Views on YouTube?A Slate investigation reveals: not a chance.
May 27 2009 4:59 PMThe Craigslist Sex PanicHow shutting down its "erotic services" section hurts prostitutes and cops.
April 6 2009 5:09 PMI See You TypingSpying on someone by hacking into his webcam is disturbingly easy. Why don't more people do it?
Feb. 11 2009 6:16 PMCharles Darwin Tagged You in a Note on FacebookThe evolutionary roots of Facebook's "25 Things" craze.
Oct. 9 2008 11:26 AMMeasuring the Palin EffectIs the Alaska governor responsible for record Web traffic in September?
Aug. 6 2008 7:12 AMThe Lazy Man's Guide to Web 2.0FriendFeed crawls Twitter, Flickr, and YouTube so you don't have to.
July 29 2008 7:16 AMThe Search Engine Litmus TestHow do we know if a Google competitor is any good? A Slate reader contest.
Feb. 27 2006 4:32 PMSlate Has 8 Million Readers, HonestOr maybe it's 4 million. Which should you believe?
Feb. 6 2006 4:33 PMAm I Too Old To Learn a New Language?A computer immersion program tries to teach me Danish.
Nov. 1 2005 5:02 PMTV You'll Want To Pay ForHow $2 downloads can revive network television.