What it’s like for an indie artist to fail—and fail and fail and fail—to make a viral music video.

April 18 2018 6:48 PMYouTube Taught Me How to ShowerAlso how to get out of bed, how to get dressed, and how to write this article.
April 16 2018 6:21 PMYouTube and Twitter Turned the Philadelphia Starbucks Story Into NewsIt wouldn’t have been a national scandal in an earlier era—and it illustrates the positive ways that social media can still set the agenda.
April 14 2018 8:00 AMThe Twitter Account for Telling Us Which NBA Team Is “FULL FILTH RAT”@isjanosnba, we salute you.
April 13 2018 2:43 PMYouTube Is for ChildrenWhy does the video platform protest so much that it’s not?
April 12 2018 12:44 PMReddit CEO Clarifies That Racism Isn’t “Welcome” on Site, Even Though It’s Allowed
April 10 2018 7:39 PMA Vector for Pure CatharsisIn YouTube’s science videos, you can probably learn something, but the main goal is to blend, burn, electrify, and crush stuff.
April 9 2018 8:00 AMTwitter Is a Lot More Bearable When Everyone Uses a Picture of Their Adorable Childhood Self
April 6 2018 6:39 PMThe Antic Avatar of Young White Male EntitlementLogan Paul is almost a classic pop-cultural rogue. Why is watching him so awful?
April 5 2018 10:08 PMMe Me MeTubeYouTubers processed the YouTube shooting the only way they could.
April 4 2018 12:18 PM“Hope You’re OK. Please DM Me so We Can Talk.”The messages journalists send survivors of mass shootings feel uncomfortable, but they’re a necessary part of the job.
April 2 2018 5:46 PMWe Need a Disney Princess to Explain How We Got So Hung Up on Disney PrincessesBut since one doesn’t exist, we’ll give it a shot.
March 30 2018 6:43 PMThis Harrowing Twitter Thread Had Everything: Fried Rice, Lies, and Videotape
March 29 2018 5:04 PMWhy Did Fans Flee LiveJournal, and Where Will They Go After Tumblr?A fascinating survey details the migration patterns of pop-culture obsessives.
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March 26 2018 8:18 PMStormy Daniels’ Sick Burns Aren’t the Only Reason Her Twitter Feed Is Fascinating
April 17 2018 5:01 PMThe Most Popular YouTube Video in Turkey Right Now Is an American Porn Star Eating Turkish SnacksTurkish snacks is not a euphemism.
April 16 2018 11:55 AMThe Least Viral Video of All TimeI found what might be YouTube’s most historically unpopular upload. I have some constructive criticism for its creator.
April 13 2018 4:41 PMAn Attempt to Understand the Facebook Hearings as Experienced Only Through Memes
April 13 2018 12:47 PMIn Praise of BuzzFeed’s Beauty VideosIts update of the genre is inclusive, chatty, skeptical—and doesn’t try to make you feel bad.
April 11 2018 5:10 PMLil’ Hank Williams in the Walmart AisleAn 11-year-old yodeler is the biggest thing on YouTube right now.
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April 6 2018 7:08 PMWhat Was Good on the Internet This Week? A Meme of Two Guys Yelling at Each Other, That’s What.
April 6 2018 1:33 PMMark Zuckerberg Got Caught Deleting Old DMs, So Now Everyone Is Getting an Unsend Feature on Facebook
April 5 2018 5:50 PMThe Twitter InvoiceStep 1: Go viral. Step 2: Quick, self-promote while you’re hot! Step 3: Profit?
April 3 2018 5:03 PMWhy Talk When You Can Program an iPad to Say “F— You” in Your Own Voice?
April 1 2018 8:00 AMPinterest Isn’t a Social NetworkThat’s what makes it great.
March 30 2018 2:40 PMIs Uber Really Charging Frequent Users Higher Fares?
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