*Checks Notes* Was the Perfect Trump-Era Twitter Joke. Can We Be Done With It Now?

Aug. 15 2018 5:45 AMGuys! Exclamation Points Are Out of Control.I hereby grant the internet full punctuation amnesty.
Aug. 8 2018 5:17 PMThere’s a Fun New Game to Play When a Famous Person Sends a Nonsense Tweet
Aug. 7 2018 12:32 PMThose “Dear Ivanka” Posts on Instagram Probably Won’t Do Much. They’re Still the Public Shaming She Deserves.
July 31 2018 12:32 PMWhat if Tweets Had an Expiration Date?Old tweets are too easily weaponized. Maybe it’s time to accept that the medium is simply best observed in the present.
July 30 2018 1:42 PMHow to Retrieve Your Contacts if You Lose Your Phone During an Emergency
July 27 2018 12:33 PMDoes Grimes’ Newly Aggressive Twitter Style Seem Familiar to Anyone Else?
July 24 2018 8:00 AMMaybe Fitness Tracking Shouldn’t Be Social After AllBetween security holes and user errors, activity-tracking apps seem to pose an inherent privacy threat.
July 20 2018 1:28 PMPlease Let the Aerial Tramway Emoji Toil in Obscurity
July 19 2018 8:18 AMI Still Want to Sign on the Dotted LineSure, credit card chips are more secure, but in our digital world, the chances to put pen to paper are increasingly rare.
July 16 2018 5:27 PMShruggies Are Not Good Enough in an Emoji Spelling BeeEven when you’re trying to translate “I really don’t care, do u?’
July 12 2018 1:06 PM2 Million People Watched a Video of a Lemon Rolling Down a Hill Because Nihilism Rules the Internet
July 10 2018 4:31 PMFar-Right Groups and Nazis Are Finally Being Forced to Stop Using Pepe the Frog as a Hate Symbol Online
July 9 2018 9:00 AMEven Trump Can’t Take Away the Majesty of the Interior Department’s InstagramThe agency still posts images of national splendor as though nothing in our country has changed—and I’m fine with it.
July 5 2018 3:39 PMLara Trump’s Instagram Feed Is an Achievement in BlandnessShe highlights her commitment to her kid, her dogs, and her father-in-law without ever betraying a hint of personality.
July 2 2018 5:55 AMOn Instagram, the Trump Store Sells Golf Tees, Piggy Banks, the Foundational Lie of the Trump Presidency
Aug. 13 2018 5:31 PMThe Instagram Book Exchange Only Sounds Like a ScamUsers are actually sending each other books—and reclaiming the ever-sketchy genre of chain letters.
Aug. 8 2018 1:29 PMTwitter’s New Developer Rules Might End One of Its Most Enjoyable PartsGoodbye, good bots.
Aug. 2 2018 6:28 PMWe Don’t Need a White-Wine EmojiWe have nearly 2,700 pictograms to converse with. Enough.
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July 24 2018 12:12 AMIt Is Maybe Amazing That Michael Avenatti Is Texting With Someone Named “Maybe: Brent”
July 20 2018 8:00 AMCaption ThisFor a growing number of Instagrammers, the caption, not the photo, is the hardest part. An entire cottage industry is cropping up to provide support.
July 17 2018 3:33 PMCongress Live-Streamed Its Hearing on Social-Media Moderation, and the Comments Were Flooded With Racist Trolls
July 12 2018 4:08 PMDonald Trump Lost 340,000 Followers After Twitter Purged a Bunch of Suspicious Accounts
July 11 2018 5:50 AMSean Spicer Is Still Not Over ItThe former press secretary is intent on reliving his 182 days in the White House.
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June 29 2018 1:30 PMNikki Haley’s Instagram Is an Odd Window Into the Life of a Woman Who Wants You to Know She Has It AllChallenging job? Check. Family? Check. Social life? Check. Dog Instagram? Check.