The Social Media Cure

How people with chronic illnesses use memes, selfies, and emojis to soothe their suffering.

March 2 2016 4:51 PMDonald Trump’s Internet BunkerWelcome to the GOP front-runner’s online playground, where reality is negotiable.
Feb. 9 2016 5:39 PMBernie vs. HillaryThe weird, ceaseless, kind of sexist meme that the 2016 campaign deserves.
Feb. 3 2016 4:30 PMEveryone Is Wrong About the Bernie BrosHow a necessary critique of leftist sexism deteriorated into a dumb flame war.
Jan. 21 2016 11:20 AMThe Rise of VR PornDoes sex in virtual reality feel like real sex?
Jan. 11 2016 6:19 PMAdam Sandler, Streaming SuperstarWhy the comedian is flopping in theaters and thriving online.
Dec. 21 2015 2:25 PMYas We CanThe curious social media strategy of Hillary Clinton’s campaign. 
Dec. 7 2015 4:40 PMYour Best Friend Just Got Murdered!JK.
Nov. 25 2015 12:10 PMThanksgiving Is the Worst Social Media Holiday Eat your ugly turkey, don’t Instagram it. 
Oct. 28 2015 5:05 AMDon’t Ban Yik YakFeminists and civil rights groups are trying to get universities to block the very app that gives marginalized students a voice on campus. 
Oct. 16 2015 3:29 PMWhy Does Hate Thrive Online?The roots of Internet culture provide a few clues. 
Oct. 8 2015 12:58 PMThe Hypnotic Appeal of the KardashiappsKim, Kylie, and the other sisters’ apps got 1 million subscriptions in a week. I think I know why.
Sept. 11 2015 5:32 PM“Jihadists Want Kill Us”The annual ritual of awkwardly tweeting about 9/11.
Sept. 9 2015 4:42 PM“This Is a Shady Business We In, Fam”The rise and fall and likely rise again of parody Twitter.
Aug. 26 2015 5:41 AMLaugh FactoryIt’s not just the Fat Jew. A whole online ecosystem exists to cut, paste, and cash in on other people’s jokes.
Aug. 18 2015 7:40 PMThe Women! They’re Using Gadgets and Having Sex!Panic over hookup technology like Tinder is out of control—and always has been. 
Feb. 25 2016 11:52 AMFacebook Reactions Are Not WowThey don’t make me sad or angry, either. Where is the reaction for “this feels weird and constricting”?
Feb. 5 2016 4:13 PMThe Shiba Inu, the Dog Behind the DogeWhat happens to a breed when it goes viral online.
Jan. 26 2016 4:38 PMTwitter Won’t Help You. The Courts Won’t Help You.What the Gregory Alan Elliott decision means for women on the Internet.
Jan. 14 2016 4:06 PMStolen, the App for Buying PeopleThe strange allure of virtual human trafficking.
Jan. 6 2016 1:13 PMOur Bitmoji, OurselvesI outsourced my emotions to a digital avatar. You should too.
Dec. 9 2015 12:18 PMThe Astonishing Power of YouNowTeens are getting famous on a social network you’ve probably never heard of. 
Dec. 4 2015 11:03 AMWhat Happened at Slate This Week?Why I can’t stop listening to Adele, and what I’m reading about the senseless violence in Paris, Colorado, and San Bernardino. 
Nov. 22 2015 8:25 PMInside the Sony HackWhat it was like to be a rank-and-file Sony employee as the unprecedented cyberattack tore the company apart.
Oct. 26 2015 4:34 PMExhibit A: ;-)Courts are evaluating emoticons as evidence—but nobody really knows what they mean.
Oct. 13 2015 2:56 PMHow the Internet Killed PlayboyThe nudie magazine is going PG-13 to save itself in the digital age.
Oct. 7 2015 4:32 PMThe Disgusting Coverage of Caleb Bratayley’s DeathReporters didn’t care about the YouTube child vlogger until he died.
Sept. 10 2015 7:23 PMConstant ConnectionWe used to believe technology made us lonely. A whole new body of research says it doesn’t.
Aug. 28 2015 5:41 PM“I Have Made It Though the Winds and Waters”A haunting Internet history of Hurricane Katrina.
Aug. 19 2015 8:51 PMHow Should I Feel About the Ashley Madison Leak?The confusing moral compass of a hack targeting a cheating website and the cheating cheaters, and wannabe cheating cheaters, who use it.
Aug. 12 2015 5:52 AM“WE’RE GOING VIRAL!!”How parents Sam and Nia Rader extracted pee from a toilet to become famous (again) on YouTube.