Top Right
Top Right
Aug. 1 2011 12:52 PMFlipping the ClassroomWatch Salman Khan explain the next big challenge in online education.
Aug. 1 2011 12:52 PMA Q&A with David FerrucciThe lead researcher for IBM's Watson project on bringing his supercomputer into the real world.
Aug. 1 2011 12:52 PM"People Will Misunderstand You" founder and CEO Jeff Bezos explains his philosophy on risk.
Aug. 1 2011 12:52 PMMake Friends With the Robots of TomorrowWatch Kismet, Leonardo, and other creations from Cynthia Breazeal's Personal Robotics Group.
July 25 2011 4:41 PMWe Didn't Come to Saturday Night Live To Be CuteAn excerpt from Tina Fey's Bossypants.
July 25 2011 4:41 PMThanks for the KnifeAn excerpt from The Hunger Games.
July 26 2011 6:50 AMSuzanne Collins, Author of the Hunger Games TrilogyHow her dark, bloodthirsty books upended our notions of what young adult fiction should be—and converted waves of skeptical adults in the process.
July 26 2011 6:50 AMLauren Dolgen, Creator of 16 and Pregnant and Teen MomShe makes entertaining advocacy television that actually works.
July 26 2011 6:52 AMTrey Parker and Matt Stone, Creators of the Musical The Book of MormonThey reinvigorated Broadway: by taking musicals back to their roots (and making them more like South Park).
July 18 2011 11:56 AMThe Top Right in BusinessSlate selects five American entrepreneurs who are both wildly inventive and incredibly practical.
July 18 2011 11:57 AMTroy Carter, Business Manager for Lady GagaHow he has merged old-time marketing with radical new techniques to turn Gaga Inc. into a powerhouse of music, fashion, and media.
July 17 2011 10:56 AMReed Hastings on the Culture of InnovationThe Netflix CEO explains his company's seven essential values.
July 17 2011 10:56 AMJack Dorsey on Starting Start-UpsThe Twitter and Square founder explains how he generates ideas.
July 18 2011 11:59 AMJack Dorsey, Founder of Twitter and SquareTwitter has changed how people communicate. Dorsey's new project Square will transform how you pay for everything.
July 17 2011 10:56 AMForever 21's Fast FashionForever 21 shows styles that come out in an instant.
Aug. 1 2011 12:52 PMA Q&A With Cynthia Breazeal The director of MIT's Personal Robots Group on designing robots that will be useful in our everyday lives.
Aug. 2 2011 6:58 AMDavid Ferrucci, Lead Researcher for IBM's Watson ProjectHow do you improve on a computer that beat the world's best Jeopardy! players? Have Watson team up with humanity.
Aug. 2 2011 6:59 AMSalman Khan, Founder of Khan AcademyHis folksy lectures are revolutionizing how kids learn math and science.
July 26 2011 6:48 AMThe Top Right in CultureSlate selects five American cultural leaders who are both wildly inventive and incredibly practical.
July 26 2011 6:52 AMRichard Martin and Meagan Hennessey, Archeophone RecordsBy unearthing lost classics, this husband–and-wife team is helping us rethink the roots of popular music.
July 26 2011 6:51 AMTina Fey, Comic GeniusThe 30 Rock creator solved comedy's alleged "women problem" by fighting chauvinism with funny.
July 25 2011 4:41 PMQuestions for Richard Martin and Meagan HennesseyThe founders of Archeophone Records talk about why they started their label and the importance of musical history.
July 25 2011 4:41 PMQuestions for Lauren DolgenThe creator of 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom talks about her inspiration for the series.
July 21 2011 4:19 PMManaging Gaga Inc.Troy Carter, Lady Gaga's business manager, describes their entrepreneurial deals.
Aug. 9 2011 7:04 AMTop RightSlate's list of the 25 Americans who combine inventiveness and practicality: our best real-world problem-solvers.
July 18 2011 11:58 AMDo Won Chang, CEO of Forever 21How Do Won Chang has turned Forever 21, his cheap, chic chain of massive mall stores, into the fastest name in fast fashion.
July 17 2011 10:56 AMTroy Carter on Going GagaLady Gaga's business manager explains how he built the business of Gaga.
July 18 2011 11:59 AMReed Hastings, CEO of NetflixFirst, he killed the video store. Now he's winning the digital revolution.
July 18 2011 12:00 PMEric Ryan, Co-Founder of MethodHow he's getting consumers to buy green cleaning products by marrying high-end design with environmental science.
July 17 2011 10:56 AMA Q&A with Method Co-Founder Eric RyanThe green entrepreneur on how to make eco-friendly cleaning products that customers actually like.