Understand the Fake News

The phony Vox staffers who posted macabre things on Twitter, explained.

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May 26 2016 4:25 PMPeter Thiel’s Revenge Campaign Is a Wakeup Call The multibillionaire is spending a fortune to destroy Gawker in court. It will be catastrophic to democracy if he gets away with it.
May 17 2016 5:07 PMWhat the Facebook “Liberal Bias” Controversy Is Really AboutAnd why it isn’t going away.
May 9 2016 5:55 AMApple Destroyed My Will to Collect MusicI once used iTunes to organize albums, bootlegs, demos, and deep cuts—until it made that nearly impossible. Will Apple Music finish the job?
April 29 2016 5:47 AMCan Duolingo Crush the TOEFL?The company made language learning fun. Can it break into the stodgy, lucrative market for language testing?
April 5 2017 5:58 AMThe Filter Bubble RevisitedA new study suggests online media aren’t to blame for political polarization—yet.
March 14 2017 5:55 AMI Read Only News for Kids for an Entire WeekThe hot ed-tech startup Newsela wants kids to forget about what a mess our country is. That’s why it’s not the news.
Feb. 7 2017 9:08 PMWhy the White House Keeps Crying “Fake News”It’s a desperate ploy to distract the media from their real jobs.
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Dec. 6 2016 6:58 PMStop Calling Everything “Fake News”Journalists are blurring several problems into one—and making it impossible to solve.
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May 31 2016 9:28 AMBecome a PilotIt’s breathtaking. It’s soulful. You won’t take your work home. And aviation desperately needs you.
May 27 2016 11:31 AMSilicon Valley Needs a ValleywagPeter Thiel’s misguided, secret war against Gawker Media proves it.
May 24 2016 4:50 PMLinkedIn Called Me a White SupremacistAnd all I did was happen to share a name with one.
May 10 2016 6:30 PMOf Course Facebook Is BiasedIts real problem is that it won’t admit it. 
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