Snap Decisions

Snapchat soared because it followed intuition over data. That may also be its downfall.

Oct. 19 2017 2:28 PMNo Hipster Antitrust at the FTCTrump’s pick to lead the agency looks unlikely to scrutinize the growing power of Big Tech.
Oct. 18 2017 6:09 PMMy Quantified Monster and MeWe now define ourselves with our data. I’ve been doing that since the first time I played Dungeons & Dragons.
Oct. 17 2017 1:40 PMPoliticians Are Addicted to Big Data Like It’s Campaign CashIt’s one reason they’ll never crack down on Facebook and Google’s data collection.
Oct. 16 2017 7:53 PMTeens Love the App TBH, so Facebook Is Buying TBHTBH, it sounds like a decent idea.
Oct. 16 2017 6:37 PMMemory MachineLike Facebook before them, iPhones are now serving up prefab slideshows—whether you want them or not.
Oct. 16 2017 5:45 AMHow “Big Data” Went BustAnd what comes next.
Oct. 12 2017 5:07 PMNot Our MessFacebook is feeling the pressure over its misinformation problem. It seems to want to do as little cleanup as possible.
Oct. 11 2017 4:38 PMFacebook Wants to Get 1 Billion People Into Virtual RealityIt's starting with a cheaper headset for individuals and a business bundle.
Oct. 8 2017 5:56 PMPerfidy! Betrayal! Meat Slurry!McDonald’s fails to deliver the Szechuan dipping sauce Rick and Morty fans were promised
Oct. 6 2017 6:04 PMThere’s Reason to Be Skeptical of a Tesla-Powered Puerto RicoThe island territory has long been a laboratory for the continent’s seedier experiments.
Oct. 5 2017 4:00 PMSome Netflix Prices Are About to Go UpThe standard plan is now $10.99 per month.
Oct. 3 2017 7:30 PMShould You Use Instagram’s New Polling Feature?Vote yes or no.
Sept. 28 2017 5:51 PMThe Malicious Election Tweets Had a TargetAs Twitter faces scrutiny from Congress, a new study suggests a misinformation campaign used the social network to home in on swing states.
Sept. 27 2017 2:39 PMThose Extra Characters on Twitter Just Became the World’s Geekiest Status SymbolEveryone hates this change, and everyone wants it immediately.
Sept. 25 2017 6:15 PMAll Shows Are Internet ShowsBuzzFeed’s new morning broadcast was supposed to shake up a bland genre. So far, the show mostly mimics it.
Oct. 19 2017 2:23 PMAlphabet, Google’s Parent, Leads $1 Billion Investment Round in LyftGoogle had been an early Uber investor, but their relationship had been strained.
Oct. 18 2017 5:49 PMFree Fake MelaniaWhy we can’t resist—or dismiss—the week’s most delirious meme.
Oct. 17 2017 1:23 PMGoogle Maps Ditches Its Half-Baked Cupcake CounterThe app began showing users how many calories they’d burn by walking—then the company wisely turned the feature off.
Oct. 16 2017 7:31 PMFor Women, #MeToo Is Frustratingly FamiliarHow many times do we need to perform our pain?
Oct. 16 2017 5:50 AMMind the Wi-FiA brilliant experiment is helping the London subway find out how people really travel.
Oct. 13 2017 11:50 AMThe Fun May Be Over for New York Times Power TweetersAt the paper of record, a call for restraint.
Oct. 12 2017 1:22 PMWhatever Happened to “Hey Mom, Can I Have 20 Bucks?”Amazon introduces a new way for teens to spend their parents’ money online, no talking required.
Oct. 11 2017 1:02 PMTaylor Swift Announces an Exclusive App, the Swift LifeLook what the Kardashians made her do.
Oct. 7 2017 2:33 PMGoogle’s Sister Company Wants to Fly Its Massive Balloons Over Puerto Rico to Restore InternetMore than 80 percent of people on the island don’t have access to wireless cell service.
Oct. 6 2017 5:50 PMBye SexyFarewell to AOL Instant Messenger, which taught me how to flirt.
Oct. 4 2017 4:42 PMAll of the New Gadgets Google Just AnnouncedThe belles of the ball were the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL smartphones.
Sept. 29 2017 12:20 PMIs It Possible to Go on Tinder and Not Get Catfished by a Celebrity or Journalist?Stars—they swipe like us!
Sept. 28 2017 3:05 PMIkea Just Bought TaskRabbit, the App for Paying Someone to Assemble Your Ikea StuffYour new Malm just got less stressful.
Sept. 26 2017 5:02 PMWhy, Twitter, Why?The social network may double its character limit. Is the inevitable freakout justified?
Sept. 20 2017 2:13 PMBlame the Minder, Not the MachineFacebook’s ad network lent itself to abuse by Russian hackers and racists. The problem has nothing to do with algorithms.