The Reddit Reckoning

One year after turning up false clues in the Boston-bombing manhunt, the site’s users have done some soul-searching.

April 9 2014 11:23 AMiLife SupportHow to keep your dinosaur iPhone alive until the next model’s release.
April 1 2014 3:38 PM“Dissonant Instincts”Aaron Swartz’s death proved that MIT has not yet come to terms with its culture of openness.
March 19 2014 4:42 PMIs All of Twitter Fair Game for Journalists?Social media has blurred the line between “public” and “private,” and reporters need to adapt.
March 17 2014 10:45 AMCoachbotsNew high-tech sports gadgets that promise to improve your game.
March 9 2014 11:45 PMI Tried a 3-D Printer and All I Made Was Plastic Goo
March 4 2014 7:32 PMIn 1966, I Started One of the World’s First Computer Dating Services. One Problem: I Had No Computer.
Feb. 25 2014 12:59 PMBillion-Dollar Whac-a-MoleFirst Instagram, now WhatsApp. How many “next Facebooks” will Facebook have to buy?
Feb. 11 2014 11:43 PMNever Mop AgainThe new Scooba robot promises to scrub your floors clean. Does it really work?
Feb. 4 2014 12:41 PMHow Will Facebook Die?Not like Friendster.
Jan. 26 2014 10:31 PMHow Do You Say Addictive in Spanish?The wonderful free language app that makes learning new tongues incredibly fun.
Jan. 16 2014 4:59 PMIn the Name of LoveElites embrace the “do what you love” mantra. But it devalues work and hurts workers.
Jan. 15 2014 11:09 AMReinventing the Smoke DetectorCan Nest—the company Google just paid $3.2 billion for—eliminate unwanted bleeps, chirps, and false alarms?
Jan. 7 2014 10:46 AMAttain Nirvana in 23 Minutes or Less!Has Deepak Chopra found a shortcut to Zen?
Dec. 18 2013 11:02 AMI Want to Live in Spike Jonze’s FutureCool phones. Great pants. A reassuringly familiar undertone of melancholy.
Nov. 29 2013 8:51 AMBetter Than GoldieBloxEight smart gift ideas for your little geniuses.
April 6 2014 11:06 PMBackwashI tried a Japanese wonder toilet. Americans need to drastically rethink the way we clean our butts.
March 21 2014 11:55 AMThe New Wave of Anonymous Social Networks Is Neither New Nor Anonymous
March 18 2014 11:54 PMThe Way to GoA visual guide to how planes take off, navigate, approach, and land.
March 14 2014 4:30 PMI Created Sons of Anarchy. Here’s Why I Hate Google’s Stance on Copyright.
March 5 2014 12:55 PMIs That App Really Worth Seven Bucks?The top five paid apps for Android and iOS, reviewed.
Feb. 26 2014 12:13 PMRash DecisionsNow that the Fitbit Force has been recalled, which fitness tracker is best?
Feb. 19 2014 10:13 AMThe World’s Dumbest Trade WarA spat between the United States and China threatens the future of solar power.
Feb. 11 2014 6:51 PMThe Rise of the Facebook TruthersJournalists will believe anything about the social network, as long as it’s totally outlandish.
Feb. 4 2014 11:18 AMWhat Was “Poking”?Maybe even Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t know.
Jan. 17 2014 2:58 PMClean Tech Is Not DeadIn fact, it’s booming like never before.
Jan. 15 2014 11:33 AMSilent Technical PrivilegeAs a novice computer programmer, I always got the benefit of the doubt—because I looked the part.
Jan. 9 2014 12:28 PMWhat Do You See Here?Her is a Rorschach test for your feelings about technology.
Dec. 26 2013 11:42 PMThe Bleeding Edge of Pizza-Box DesignThese cutting-edge pizza boxes should be standard-issue.
Dec. 17 2013 2:02 PMNote to SelfieWe’re told that we spend too much time recording moments instead of living in them. That’s a false choice.
Nov. 27 2013 6:02 PMThe NSA's Porn ProblemWhose browsing habits will it spy on next?