Aug. 7 2015 6:00 AMBrunch vs. BuffetCan you tell if someone is an iPhone or Android user from her Yelp searches?
July 8 2015 11:44 AMFacebook’s Piracy ProblemAre plagiarized YouTube videos helping fuel the social network’s astonishing video growth?
June 24 2015 11:20 AMLeft to Our Own DevicesThe man blocking the entrance to the subway so he can check his phone, and what to do about him.
June 15 2015 5:59 PMI Double-Apple Dare YouI tried to wear an Apple Watch without touching my iPhone. It was infuriating.
May 26 2015 6:56 PMSnapchat Isn’t Selling OutIt’s buying in.
May 5 2015 6:16 PMThe Calendar That Checks YouGoogle just bought a fascinating app that promises to change how we manage our time.
April 29 2015 8:37 AMGoogle Is My Co-ParentWhat Slate’s senior tech writer learned in his first four weeks of parenting.
April 23 2015 3:34 PMTab Roulette!Slate’s business and tech writers share what they’re reading, whether they want to or not.
April 14 2015 1:07 PMTwitter for the MassesFor non-tweeters, the social network can feel clubby and confusing. Can its new home page change that?
March 27 2015 3:59 PMMeerkat and Periscope Aren’t Changing the NewsLive-streaming apps make us feel like we’re in the moment. But they don’t make those moments any clearer.
March 26 2015 5:55 PMRoom DisserviceHundreds of the world’s top hotels have vulnerable Wi-Fi routers. Now their guests are at risk.
March 25 2015 3:09 PMGoogle vs. the FTCA leaked report called Google anti-competitive. Here’s how the company and the government learned to get along.
March 25 2015 1:43 PMThe Cult of SteveWhy Apple insiders are so worked up over two admiring Steve Jobs biographies.
March 24 2015 4:19 PMLAX. IAD. ARN. WTF?The strange stories behind airports’ three-letter abbreviations.
March 18 2015 1:12 PMI Stream, You StreamLive webcams were one of the Internet’s first big fads. Can Meerkat bring them back?
July 29 2015 5:45 PMBravo, MicrosoftWindows 10 is the first operating system to embrace the future of computing.
June 30 2015 11:21 PMThe iTunes Era Is OverApple Music is here, and you might never buy a song again.
June 22 2015 4:34 PMMoments Are Having a MomentFacebook, Spotify, Google, and Twitter have all seized on the same buzzword. Here’s why.
June 9 2015 1:20 PMCoach SpotifyThe streaming app’s new running feature is the tough, relentlessly optimistic trainer you never had.
May 11 2015 2:06 PMYelp, ReviewedThe online-ratings site is for sale. How does it rate to its suitors?
April 29 2015 12:21 PMBetter Tread Than DeadCan treadmill desks save you and your colleagues from sedentary demise?
April 24 2015 5:47 PMCongress Has a Chance to Fix Its Bad “Internet Crime” LawIt’ll probably blow it.
April 23 2015 3:15 AMNo SweatSometimes a bicycle is too big or too much work. So I tested four motorized alternatives.
March 30 2015 3:47 PM“I’d Rather Not Rewrite All the HTTP Stuff Myself”Fascinating early posts from the founders of eBay, Amazon, Google, and others.
March 26 2015 6:15 PMThe Apps You Can’t KillWhy Apple forces its software on your iPhone and won’t let you delete it.
March 25 2015 7:52 PMSo What if New York Has More Ubers Than Taxis?It’s a conveniently scary statistic for the cab industry, but not much else.
March 25 2015 2:31 PMApplied MathI made an Android app so you can hack your Wi-Fi using electromagnetic waves. You’re welcome.
March 24 2015 7:07 PMFacebook’s Plan to Take Over the News BusinessAnd why no one will stop it.
March 24 2015 3:11 PMBeyond RecognitionThe future of the Internet is voice control. Will it make our hardware obsolete?
March 11 2015 2:36 PMCan the Apple Watch Take on Rolex?Luxury timepiece makers have survived smartwatches before. Here’s who should be scared of this one.