Dec. 12 2017 7:29 PMAll the Things Uber Is Doing to Try to Prove It's Now Less AwfulIt's been a busy few months for the company.
Dec. 12 2017 4:43 PMPeriscope Has a Minor ProblemUsers are swarming young girls and asking them to do inappropriate things. And the live-streaming app hasn't been able to stop them.
Dec. 12 2017 1:10 PMCan the Fidget Spinner Disrupt the Dreidel?It’s 5778 and we’re about to find out!
Dec. 11 2017 2:42 PMNetflix Releases Rare Ratings Info to Mock Obsessive Fans of Its Own MovieWhat’s so wrong about loving A Christmas Prince?
Dec. 10 2017 4:36 PMUber Charged a Customer $18,000 For a 21-Minute RideDon't worry, he's getting a refund.
Dec. 9 2017 10:43 PMPresident Trump Tries to Pick a Twitter Fight With the Washington Post’s Dave WeigelAgain with the crowd sizes.
Dec. 9 2017 9:15 AMApple’s App of the Year Makes Sense If You've Been Paying Attention to the NewsThe big trend of 2017: unwinding with leaving your phone.
Dec. 8 2017 4:37 PMYouTube Red Desperately Needs “Prestige”It’s the biggest prerequisite for challenging Netflix—and the hardest to obtain.
Dec. 8 2017 2:03 PMGoogle Found a Way to Make Googling Celebrities WorseBy having them answer questions about themselves that no one was asking.
Dec. 7 2017 1:47 PMVine Can Turn Over a New LeafThe defunct app may come back from the dead. Here’s how it can be even better.
Dec. 6 2017 7:51 PMWelcome to the Voice WarsA petty spat between Amazon and Google could be the opening skirmish of tech’s next big conflict.
Dec. 6 2017 2:57 PMThe Wendy’s Twitter Account Is Tweeting Some Very Credible Thoughts About the Year’s Best Movies“Visually stunning!”
Dec. 5 2017 7:10 PMApple Pay Cash Is Coming For Venmo's BusinessAnd it has many advantages—whether your payments are illicit or not.
Dec. 4 2017 6:32 PM“Dunking” Is Delicious SportBut it might be making Twitter even more terrible.
Dec. 2 2017 8:35 AMYou Will No Longer Lease a Car. You Will Subscribe to It.Is there a difference? 
Dec. 12 2017 7:24 PMThe Apple Watch Wants to Become the Ultimate Fitness TrackerIt's now a good option for both casual exercisers and serious athletes.
Dec. 12 2017 1:37 PMTwitter Just Made the Tweetstorm a Real ThingTHREAD: This is a good idea (1/x).
Dec. 11 2017 7:35 PMShazam Was the First App to Really Wow MeHow will Apple's takeover change it?
Dec. 11 2017 8:30 AMAn Ode to the Family ComputerI’m glad I grew up before smartphones took over.
Dec. 10 2017 8:15 AMIn Defense of Frivolous Kitchen TechCounter space is overrated.
Dec. 9 2017 10:30 AMA Small Change That Could Make Our Phones So Much BetterWhy do we still need to manually change our phone brightness?
Dec. 9 2017 8:15 AMI Don’t Know How to Ride My Bike for Fun AnymoreTracking every detail of my workouts is too ingrained.
Dec. 8 2017 4:02 PMTrump Nixes Obama Rule to Require Airlines to Disclose Baggage FeesA cautionary tale about online consumer protection.
Dec. 7 2017 3:49 PMFacebook Is Giving the “Poke” Another ChanceWill it make any sense now?
Dec. 7 2017 12:06 PMWhy Is Silicon Valley So Slow to Expel Abusive Men?Ellen Pao discusses sexists, enablers, and trolls—and why she has hope the technology industry can still become a safer, more inclusive place.
Dec. 6 2017 6:11 PMThe Case For Buying Your Christmas Tree OnlineGo ahead: Break with tradition. The convenience is worth it.
Dec. 6 2017 12:19 PMApple Has Ruined Its Podcasts AppIt was once simple, sufficient, and just worked. What happened?
Dec. 5 2017 1:52 PMThe Well-Kempt Human Raccoons of YouTubeDumpster-diving makeup vloggers are making a radical critique of consumerism on the video platform. 
Dec. 4 2017 11:57 AMFacebook Now Has a Messenger App for KidsIt has no ads. It’s also a giant ad for future Facebook use.
Dec. 1 2017 5:39 PMThe Biggest Trump Subreddit Is Focused on Kate Steinle, Not Michael FlynnHow r/The_Donald is handling Friday’s news