Robot Invasion
Robot Invasion

Will Robots Steal Your Job?

Scientists are approaching “the end of insight.” Can computers replace them, too?

Sept. 29 2011 2:42 AMWill Robots Steal Your Job?Software could kill lawyers. Why that's good for everyone else.
Sept. 27 2011 6:56 AMWill Robots Steal Your Job?Why the highest-paid doctors are the most vulnerable to automation.
Sept. 26 2011 4:20 AMWill Robots Steal Your Job?You're highly educated. You make a lot of money. You should still be afraid.
Sept. 27 2011 7:20 PMWill Robots Steal Your Job?We wrote a computer program that replicates Jason Kottke. How does Robottke compare to the Web's best link blogger?
Sept. 26 2011 4:21 AMWill Robots Steal Your Job?My father the pharmacist vs. a gigantic pill-packing machine.