Map of the Week
Map of the Week
Sept. 14 2012 3:50 PMAmerican Diplomats AttackedAn interactive timeline of what happened before, during, and after the violence in Libya and Egypt.
Aug. 28 2012 4:59 PMWhat Are the Most Republican States?Utah, Wyoming, Idaho are. And what state is least Republican?
Aug. 17 2012 3:21 PMWhere’s Mitt?A map of the candidate’s travels in red states, blue states, and campaign battlegrounds.
July 9 2012 6:36 AMWhere Hispanics LiveA map of America’s Hispanic population, county by county.
June 15 2012 9:26 PMA Map That Should Panic the Obama CampaignJobs growing, but sluggishly, in most swing states.
June 1 2012 9:04 AMWhere Are Gas Prices Going Up Fastest?A map of gas price hikes.
May 18 2012 9:00 AMHow Hard Is Poverty Hitting Your County?A map of changes in poverty, county by county.
March 9 2012 6:30 AMSuper PAC Hate-SpendingA majority of spending goes toward opposition. Here’s a state-by-state breakdown.
Feb. 16 2012 5:20 PMMormons in AmericaWhere the country’s largest homegrown religion thrives—and where it doesn’t.
Sept. 4 2012 1:34 PMWhat Are the Most Democratic States?A map of Democratic identification by state.
Aug. 24 2012 8:18 AMWhere’s Obama?A map of the candidate’s campaign events in red states, blue states, and campaign battlegrounds.
July 12 2012 8:15 AMAmericans Drink More Soda Than Anyone ElseA map of soda consumption in 80 countries.
July 2 2012 7:15 AMExtraditions to the U.S.Which countries extradite the most fugitives to the United States?
June 8 2012 12:53 PMObama’s 262 Drone Strikes in PakistanA map of all the reported attacks—five times as many under Obama as under Bush.
May 25 2012 6:48 AMWhich Americans Shirk the Census?A map of census response rates, county by county.
May 11 2012 9:31 AMNevada Says I Do. Mississippi Says I Don’t.A map of marriage rates, state by state.
Feb. 24 2012 12:28 PMStudent-Loan Debt, School by SchoolThink student loans are an across-the-board burden? Think again.
Feb. 9 2012 12:20 PMWhich Countries Have the Most Mobile Phones?The Slate/New America Foundation map of the week.