Do movie stars make better game actors?

The art of play.
March 17 2004 4:42 PM

The Game's the Thing

Why are Hollywood actors starring on your PlayStation?

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In an ideal world, the arrival of the A-list will make games less campy and more gripping. With Oscar-winners offering their talents, game designers might take their scripts and casting more seriously. Yet it's also possible that the sheer fame of the A-listers could screw things up if designers start offering slots in games to ego-bloated stars merely because their famous faces will sell product. The new star system is bound to smooth the rough edges that made games such a raw, giddy, punk-rock type of entertainment. How long until we suffer through the game equivalent of Gigli?

Clive Thompson is a longtime contributing writer for the New York Times Magazine and a columnist for Wired. He is the author of Smarter Than You Think: How Technology Is Changing Our Minds for the Better.

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