Futurography: Ownership


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Fri Nov 04 16:37:27 EDT 2016 What Slate Readers Think About the Future of Ownership
Mon Oct 31 14:07:21 EDT 2016 How Much Do You Know About the Future of Ownership? Take our Futurography quiz!
Mon Oct 31 07:07:00 EDT 2016 Tell Us What You Think About the Future of Ownership! All month, we’ve published pieces on the topic. Now we want to hear from you.
Thu Oct 27 11:40:00 EDT 2016 Will Technology Make Ownership Obsolete? A Future Tense Event Recap.
Tue Oct 25 15:56:01 EDT 2016 Paying to Have and Not to Hold We’re increasingly paying extra to get the digital version of a book or movie.
Tue Oct 25 11:42:00 EDT 2016 How Will Self-Driving Cars Change Cities? It depends on who owns them.
Fri Oct 21 07:07:00 EDT 2016 How a Printer Company Redefined Ownership Lexmark’s strategy has changed the rules about what you can do with something you “bought.”
Tue Oct 18 07:15:00 EDT 2016 Ownership and Deception in the Digital Marketplace What really happens when you click “buy now.”
Tue Oct 11 07:37:00 EDT 2016 Save the Right to Hack The good kind, of course.
Fri Oct 07 07:15:00 EDT 2016 You Bought It, but You Don’t Own It The uncertain future of copyright in the on-demand age.
Mon Oct 03 07:03:00 EDT 2016 What’s the Future of Ownership? An introduction to our October Futurography topic.
Mon Oct 03 07:02:00 EDT 2016 Your Cheat-Sheet Guide to the Future of Ownership What does the sharing economy have to do with the right to tinker?